Top 15 Home Remedies for Anal Fissures That Make You Super Comfortable

Top 15 Home Remedies for Anal Fissures That Make You Super Comfortable

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It sounds terrifying to experience sudden pain in your anus, especially if you experience it for the first time. Many people describe it as a sharp pain that goes along with a burning sensation, making it even hard for you to sit as usual.

Thus, why don’t you spend a little time on finding out how you can get rid of it with top natural home remedies for anal fissures!

What are Anal Fissures?

The anal fissure is the term used to imply an open sore or tear on the skin surrounding the anus. It will cause sharp pain with burning during the bowel movement. Also, it can be called as rectal fissure [1].

In more significant details, an anal fissure is known as a small tear or cut happening around the anus. The crack can lead to severe pain and red bleeding occurring during or after the bowel movements.

During the times, anal fissures are thick enough to get the muscle tissue exposed underneath. The presence of this problem might be due to straining of bowel movements, childbirth or even prolonged bouts of diarrhea or constipation. A recent study has stated that IBD (inflammatory bowel disease), cancer or infection are one of the leading causes of anal fissures.

An anal fissure can influence individuals of any age, and it is common in young children and infants. In fact, anal fissures are not severe, and the tear can heal by its own from four up to six weeks in some cases.

What Causes Anal Fissures?

People who have already had constipation are more vulnerable to this condition because large and hard stools will possibly tear off the anus’s lining [2]And constipation can result from many different factors.

Pregnant women have a high risk of developing constipation and anal fissures because of the increasing baby. According to the statistics, anal fissures affect about ⅓ of pregnant women.

Also, there might be other causes such as persistent diarrhea, Crohn’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease or IBD, ulcerative colitis, tight muscles of anal sphincter, childbirth straining and occasionally can be due to some sexually transmitted infections like herpes or syphilis [3][4][5][6][7].

Symptoms of Anal Fissures

The most obvious and common signs are the itchiness accompanied by sharp pain (either long-lasting or brief) or even bleeding when stools are passed. People can be able to observe their bright red blood from toilet paper or within their stool.

Other common anal fissures symptoms can include:

  • A small skin lump or a skin tag that can be next to teat
  • Itching or burning in your anal region.

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Home Remedies for Anal Fissures

There are some possible ways to deal with anal fissures, including a surgery. Nevertheless, in most cases, you can address it quickly with some natural home remedies for anal fissures. They come at low costs. There is no side effect after all. So, why don’t you try these home remedies for anal fissures immediately?

Here are the 15 most useful home remedies for anal fissures which you can follow at home to heal the wound as well as prevent future occurrence quickly.

1. Olive Oil

The number one ingredient in the list of home remedies for anal fissures is none other than olive oil. Abundant of healthy fat, it is capable of lubricating the bowel system, making it easier for stool to pass. Additionally, the anti-inflammatory property from olive oil will help you alleviate pain coming anal fissures [8][9].

Olive Oil - Home Remedies for Anal Fissures
Olive Oil

How to use:

  • Take some beeswax, honey, and olive in equal amount.
  • Heat them up until the beeswax is completely melted.
  • Let it cool and apply the mixture directly to the affected area.
  • Perform couples of time every day.

2. Aloe Vera

The pain-relieving property and the natural healing powers from Aloe Vera is excellent at treating the symptoms of anal fissures as well as assist in reviving the skin tissue which is damaged. Therefore, it is not hard to see why Aloe Vera is present on the list of home remedies for anal fissures.

Aloe Vera - Home Remedies for Anal Fissures
Aloe Vera

How to use:

  • Take a leaf of Aloe Vera and slice it open to extract the gel.
  • Apply the gel directly onto the affected area.
  • Perform couples of time per day.

3. Hot Sitz Bath

To support the treatment of anal fissures as well as improve the healing process, you should consider trying the hot sitz bath, which is one of the simplest home remedies for anal fissures.

Furthermore, it will also alleviate pain, itchiness and swelling. The hot sitz bath is one of the best anal fissures cures.

Sitz Bath - Home Remedies for Anal Fissures
Sitz Bath

How to use:

  • Take some warm water into the bath.
  • Put in some lavender oil and mix up.
  • Take a sit in the bath and soak up to the waist for at least 15 minutes.
  • Perform 2 to 3 times per day.

4. Comfrey

The reason this herb is on the list of home remedies for anal fissures is that it can significantly promote the relief as well as healing of pain from anal fissures. It has medicinal property in both the leaves and root which can support the regeneration of skin tissues and the rapid growth of cells. Thus this will speed up the healing process.

Comfrey Leaves - Home Remedies for Anal Fissures

How to use:

  • Take a tablespoon of dried comfrey into some hot water and have it steeped for about 15 minutes. Then have it strained and let it cool down. Cleanse the affected area using that solution for 2 to 3 times per day.
  • Also, you can take comfrey tea to use as the compress on the affected area.
  • Another way is using OTC ointment containing comfrey ingredient to apply directly onto the affected for 2 – 3 times per day.

In addition to treating anal fissures, comfrey is a well-known home remedy for rashes.

5. Coconut Oil

The answer on how to heal anal fissures naturally is no longer hard to tell. Abundant of medium-chain triglycerides, coconut oil can efficiently lubricate the affected area and begin the recovery. It is a great option which you should consider applying from the list of home remedies for anal fissures.

Coconut Oil - Home Remedies for Anal Fissures
Coconut Oil

How to use:

  • Take some coconut oil to apply directly to the sphincter for 2 – 3 times per day. For chronic cases, increase the time of using the oil.
  • In case you are having constipation as well as problems with the digestive system, you can consider including coconut oil into your daily diet.

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6. L-arginine Gel

Another name among top home remedies for anal fissures is L-arginine Gel. Also called Arginine for short, it is the amino acid which is capable of improving the recovery from anal fissures through enhancing the flow of nitric oxide toward the affected area.

It is even reported that this gel can support the healing with no side effect at all. Even better, the gel can work for people who are unresponsive to the isosorbide dinitrate treatment.

You just need to apply the OTC L-arginine gel onto the affected area for several times every day.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar

The list of home remedies for anal fissures cannot be complete without the present of apple cider vinegar. It is useful in the treatment of constipation as it is the primary factor contributing the occurrence of anal fissures.

Furthermore, the water-soluble fiber name Pectin from apple cider vinegar can significantly enhance the digestion as well as improve the bowel movements.

Apple Cider Vinegar - Home Remedies for Anal Fissures
Apple Cider Vinegar

How to use:

  • Take 1 – 2 tablespoons of unfiltered raw vinegar into some water.
  • Put in some honey depending on taste.
  • Consume twice every day.

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8. Flaxseed

With omega-3 fatty acids as well as fiber, it is no doubt that flaxseed, the most powerful food in the world, will appear in the list of home remedies for anal fissures bleeding. It is capable of treating constipation, a significant reason which causes anal skin fissures.

Moreover, with the laxative property, it can also decrease the need for straining while having a bowel movement.

Flaxseed - Home Remedies for Anal Fissures

How to use:

  • Take a tablespoon of flaxseed powder into some water. Consume once every day before bedtime.
  • Also, you might take the supplement of flaxseed in the form of the capsule but only after consulting the doctor.

9. Fiber

This nutrient is the essential component in the list of top natural home remedies for anal fissures. The regular intake of fiber will help make bowel movement comfortable, thus require less pressure and avoid the damage to the anus’s lining and anal fissure pain.

How to use:

  • Consume more foods which are rich in fiber like buckwheat, oatmeal, quinoa, spinach, legumes, prunes, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. The psyllium which also called isabgol can be considered an abundant source for fiber as well.
  • Also, you might take the supplement of fiber but only after consulting the doctor.

Note:  If the intake of fiber is increased, especially with psyllium, you will need to consume plenty more water during the day to prevent gastrointestinal discomforts.

10. Hygiene

This tip from home remedies for anal fissures blood removal is the one that you must comply to have a quick recovery. For maintaining good hygiene, you need to uphold a dry and clean affected area because moisture can increase the risk of getting bacterial infections.

How to use:

  • After having a bowel movement, have the anus wiped using soft toilet paper. Do not use toilet papers which are rough and have scent because they might trigger irritation.
  • After bathing, have the affected area dabbed with some baby powder to maintain dryness.
  • Put on clothing which is loose-fitting as well as underwear made from cotton to enhance the circulation of air.
  • Avoid sitting for a prolonged time with the same posture as it might trigger the accumulation of moisture in the anal area.

11. Fruit Juice

Fruit Juice - Home Remedies for Anal Fissures

Because anal fissures are occurred majorly due to consumption of inappropriate foods like processed starches and foods as well as sugar that trigger constipation with stool hardening.

Therefore, it is the priority to cure constipation as well as soften your stools. Consume fresh fruit juices for 3 – 4 times every day. Also, you might consume about 7 – 8 water glasses every day as well. The digestive enzyme for fruit juices can support the food digesting process while maintaining mobile and soft stool.

They are not only top home remedies for anal fissures but also the best cures for constipation.

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12. Milk

Rich in constituents that are essential for the body to function properly, it is reasonable to include milk in the list of home remedies for anal fissures. You need to consume some hot milk every day before bedtime. It will encourage frequent bowel movement as well as maintain a well-functioning, healthy and clean digestive tract.

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13. Ghee

Ghee is capable of lubricating the mucous membranes of the whole digestive tract, thus enable it to be more comfortable to remove feces from the bowel. Furthermore, it will help cleanse the old and affected wastes at the intestine.

In other words, you can rely on it as one of the best home remedies for anal fissures.

How to apply:

  • You can take a teaspoon of ghee in some hot milk and dissolve.
  • Have the mixture sweetened depended on your taste and consume every day before bedtime.
  • Also, you might take some ghee to warm up and apply directly to the fissures for 3 – 4 times every day.

14. Lentils

Due to the high level of dietary fiber with a nourishing property, lentil can be an efficient choice for you to consider from the list of home remedies for anal fissures. You can consume some sprouted lentils for twice every day.

Have the lentils soaked similar to moong and channa through the night? Next morning, have them tied in a muslin cloth. In case the cloth dries out, you can periodically sprinkle it with some water to maintain moisture. Lentils will start to sprout in another day.

15. Nettle Juice

Nettle Juice - Home Remedies for Anal Fissures
Nettle Juice

The last tip from the list of home remedies for anal fissures belongs to nettle. It is important to note that in the anal fissures treatments, the priority is maintaining a right consistency of the stool. Either watery stools or hardened stools will exacerbate the problem. You can avoid that by consuming a teaspoon of nettle juice three times per day. Not only it will help keep the stool consistency at the right level, but also it will decrease the soreness from fissures.

When To See A Doctor

Some typical home remedies for anal fissures can help accelerate the healing process and ease the discomfort. However, if you have used them but seen little improvement, then it is high time you looked for an expert.

Alternatively, see your doctors right away, if you contract pain during the bowel movements or observe the blood on your stools after the bowel movement.

  • Topical anesthetics

Your favorite doctor can examine your condition and give you some topical anesthetics, such as lidocaine, pramoxine, xylocaine, or tetracaine, to alleviate the pain you suffer. You can get some of them on your own, but others may demand a prescription. So, you should follow your doctor’s suggestion in every case.

  • Steroids

Besides, steroids are possibly mentioned as well. They play a vital role in fighting inflammation and pain which happens to your bowel movements. It is also necessary to remember that steroids can have adverse influences on your health in the long term.

  • Nitroglycerin

For pregnant women getting anal fissures, nitroglycerin is a possible way to help them get rid of all discomforts of this problem. You can contact your doctor for information about nitroglycerin. It has relaxing effects on your sphincter muscles and stimulates the blood circulation to your anus, which accelerates the healing process.

  • Surgery

In case your anal fissures do not get improved at all, surgery might be a must. But you have to take everything into consideration. Surgery should be the last option.

Typically, anal fissures can heal after 4-6 weeks. If you have tried all treatments but still failed, then surgery might come.

After the surgery, you can come back to normal activities. However, you should give your body a little time to heal and adapt. Walking is a helpful thing to do because it lowers the possibilities of blood clots. You need to stay away from driving because of pain medications.

How To Prevent Anal Fissures

Not to mention the complications of anal fissures, only its pain can make you never wish to experience it once. Therefore, it is imperative to apply some prevention tips so that you can avoid this problem as much as possible, in addition to top home remedies for anal fissures.

There is a close link between anal fissures and constipation. Therefore, you can prevent both of these problems at the same time.

Drink water

The key to fighting anal fissures is to maintain the hydration for your body through consuming sufficient fluid to make stools soften and avoid constipation. Experts recommend about more than 8 cups on a daily basis.

You can replace plain water with fresh juice, but keep alcohol and caffeine far away from your diet. They are possible contributors to inflammation.

Fiber-rich diet

Diet is undeniably necessary for every treatment, and fiber plays the central role in fighting anal fissures and constipation. If your body absorbs enough fiber, your stool will be softer and pass more quickly. As a result, the healing process takes little time.

The best sources of fiber that you should consume every day are

  • fruits, including berries, oranges, pears, and apples
  • whole wheat grains, for example, oatmeal or bread
  • vegetables, such as broccoli, potatoes, and green peas
  • legumes and nuts, like beans

For those with anal fissures, these foods can be excellent home remedies for anal fissures as well. Try to get as much as possible in your daily diet.

On the other hand, you should keep out of foods which are likely to cause constipation such as white rice, bananas, dairy products like cheese, red meat, chocolate, fried foods and chips.

Don’t delay bowel movements

Whenever you feel the need of bowel movements, try to solve it as soon as possible. Do not hold it for any reasons! Also, do not strain while having bowel movement because it might open up the healing tear as well as break into new tear. In case you are having diarrhea, have this condition treated right away.


Doing exercise is an excellent way to get rid of constipation and anal fissures, even when the pain annoys you so much.

Perform physical activities regularly for 30 minutes every day to encourage bowel movement and improve anal blood flow. Some activities that you might take can be stretching, yoga, gardening, light housework and walking.

Keep out of activities such as heavy weight-lifting, biking as well as exercises which require straining much.

Besides, if you worry about anal fissures for infants, you need to make sure that you change their diapers regularly. Remember to use some soft pillow while sitting on some hard surfaces so that the anal area can be eased from pressure.

Last but not least, never try scratching the affected area as it will worsen the condition.


In general, anal fissures are quite a sensitive problem, which makes many people reluctant to tell anyone. As a consequence, they leave it untreated and suffer from many dangerous problems later.

With top natural home remedies for anal fissures, we hope you can find a way to cope with it quickly! Do not forget to SHARE the article so that other people can use the natural ingredients to improve their health!

*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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  1. I have suffered for the past year and a half and tried many a home remedy plus over the counter creams to no avail but about three weeks ago I was thinking and praying for a cure and the word “bonjela” came into my mind as you probably know bonjela is a mouth ulcer gel so when your desperate you try anything well after thoroughly washing the area inside and out with baby moisturising soap I applied the gel and after only three days not only did I have relieve of symptoms but absolutely no itchiness at all and three weeks have now gone by and cured……hope this helps someone

  2. I’ve been struggling this past week. Constant up and down. Like I’m giving birth over and over everyday. There needs to be more research to help fissure patients. It’s the worst thing I’ve ever gone through. I beg for it to stop and have mind altering pain at times. I hope anyone out there suffering gets relief soon. I know its hard, but stick it out.

  3. One of the best article I ever read about anal fissures. Well explained and detailed. Liked all the home remedies you had mentioned. Eating fibre rich diet is really helpful in avoiding the pain. Keep sharing the amazing content.

  4. Enjoyed and agreed to the all remedies you mentioned in the post. There are many reasons why you might have constipation. For most people passing hard feces is connected with not eating enough fiber in their diet or not drinking enough fluids. However, certain medications, health conditions like irritable bowel syndrome or a bowel obstruction, or an inactive lifestyle can all cause constipation.

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