Top 18 Home Remedies for Alopecia – All You Need to Know About Hair Loss

Top 18 Home Remedies for Alopecia – All You Need to Know About Hair Loss

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Hair loss should be a big concern for both men and women around the world. It is true that we lose hair over time because of the aging process. However, in many cases, medical factors are responsible for excessive hair loss.

And one of the most common causes is alopecia areata. It usually starts with baldness in few spots and it is closely associated with the hormonal imbalance. Let’s examine further what is the problem and more importantly, natural home remedies for alopecia!

What Is Alopecia?

In this day and age, more and more people claim that a thick hair is a vital part of being attractive. That’s why they are ready to pour a tremendous amount of money and time on the growth of new hair and prevention of hair loss.

However, not everyone manages to prevent hair loss; as a result, they often lose self-confidence when having to talk to other people [1].

Alopecia areata is the one specific condition which can cause the loss of hair. Alopecia is very popular; however, it is often overlooked as the symptom at first is similar to spot baldness and it is quite natural for people with ages [2].

Furthermore, alopecia can develop into two types of the condition in case it does not get treated properly. The first case is Alopecia totalis which means you will experience an entirely bald scalp. Another is Alopecia Universalis which means you will lose all of your body hair [3][4].

What Causes Alopecia?

In general, alopecia belongs to a group of autoimmune diseases. It happens when your immune system has some problems. In normal conditions, the immune system is a dominant shield to protect our body from any foreign intruders.

In case of alopecia, your immune system might be wrong to consider some healthy parts as harmful and then, damage hair follicles. As a result, hair follicles become smaller, and the production of new hair stops, which is responsible for hair loss.

Thyroid disorder is supposed to be the cause of the problem as the balance of hormone level is the primary factor affecting the development of hair follicles. This condition often escalates quite fast. Therefore, it is essential to get treatment in time.

Moreover, other factors such as current situations or psychology also contribute the flare-ups of alopecia[5].

Symptoms of Alopecia

The alopecia symptoms typically appear at the age of 20 and 40. However, it is possible that you undergo them anytime. If you notice one of these symptoms of alopecia, you should ask a doctor for advice immediately.

  • Thinning hair
  • Hair loss [6]

The scalp would be the most common place where you notice a significant loss of hair. It is also possible that you see hair loss in some other sites, such as your eyebrows or beard. Some studies even claim that hair loss will be more severe if you experience it early in life.

  • Probably weight loss
  • Depression
  • Even some problems can happen to your nails

About 38 percent of people who suffer from alopecia notice changes in their nails. The changes can be either slight or dramatic in each. If you wonder how your nails can change, the answer is that your nail might be rough with some vertical lines running from the base to the top.

Baldness is not dangerous, but it may be a sign of your weakness. Looking at you, people may have the impression that you are not healthy and robust. Therefore, it is necessary to address alopecia before it becomes terrible.

Medical Treatments

Scientists have not come up with a complete cure for this problem, unfortunately. The hair will grow by itself. However, along with the medical advances in recent decades, we can count on some treatments to accelerate the growth of hair.

Home remedies for alopecia are not the only way to eliminate alopecia.

Here are several typical conventional treatments in case you want to recover from alopecia as soon as possible.


The injections of corticosteroids are popular to address alopecia. It is also useful to prevent or reduce the inflammation as well as improve the growth of your hair at the same time.

It is necessary to repeat the procedure after 4-6 weeks, and you need to do it consistently. However, a downside of this treatment is that hair loss might come back and disturb you again. You can count on it to regrow your hair in some bald areas.

Furthermore, corticosteroids have some unwanted effects on your health, especially skin cells. Besides, the likelihood is that you go through soreness, upset stomach, or even inflammation in the areas you get injected.


Minoxidil is a popular medicine that many patients have used to regrow the hair successfully. Many hair loss products also use minoxidil as the main ingredient for the same purpose. Children and adults can apply it topically on any area.

Usually, minoxidil is not a great option to deal with extensive hair loss. Therefore, it often goes with another treatment to get the best result.


As alopecia results from problems with the immune system, you can use some immunosuppressants, like cyclosporine and methotrexate, to inhibit the immune response which is responsible for hair loss.

Nonetheless, when taking immunosuppressants, you have to take some side effects into consideration. You are likely to experience diarrhea, tiredness, nausea, and pain when it comes to immunosuppressants.

If you are afraid of side effects of drugs, do not worry. There are many home remedies for alopecia to help you stay away from alopecia efficiently. These home remedies might take longer time than medicines, but overall, they are safe for your well-being.

Home Remedies for Alopecia

Here are the top 18 most effective home remedies for alopecia which you can try at home easily in order to assist the treatment of alopecia as well as strengthen your scalp and prevent hair loss…

1. Onion Juice

Onion is an extremely familiar vegetable for every household. You might cook daily meals with it every day, but have little idea of its benefits for health.

Sulfur which is very high in onion can stimulate the growth of new hair. Therefore, the daily consumption of onion juice must be included in the list of home remedies for alopecia [7].

Onion Juice - Home Remedies for Alopecia

How to apply:

  • Take an onion and crush it to make the juice.
  • The juice should be applied over the scalp.
  • After 15 minutes, use warm water and shampoo to wash the hair.

It is recommended that you do not need to use a towel to make the hair dry after that. Leave it naturally dry.

For more information about the benefits and applications of onion, please read: Home Remedies for Hair Loss.

2. Garlic

Another familiar ingredient in kitchen which also contains a large amount of sulfur is garlic. In fact, it is one of the best home remedies for alopecia. The nutrients from the garlic will improve the production of collagen, which can lengthen the hair. With the support of garlic, you do not worry about hair loss anymore [8].

Garlic - Home Remedies for Alopecia
  • Take some garlic cloves.
  • Have them crushed to make the juice.
  • Add some spoons of coconut oil.
  • Put the mixture over the heat for several minutes.
  • When the mixture becomes cool, apply it over your scalp and you can do massage as well.
  • After half an hour, use cool water to wash the hair.

Garlic is no doubt the most popular item in the household for both cooking as well as home remedies. You can find out more about garlic at: Home Remedies for Jock Itch.

3. Egg

If you want to have beautiful hair and skin, egg should be included in your daily meals. But it can be used directly as one of the natural home remedies for alopecia as well. People can find a diversity of essential nutrients in an egg, such as sulfur, protein, iodine or selenium. They all contribute to the growth of healthy hair.

Egg - Home Remedies for Alopecia
  • You should use only the white of an egg.
  • Take a spoon of olive oil and mix them together.
  • Put the paste over your hair.
  • After 15-20 minutes, use cool water and shampoo to wash the hair.

Egg is a great product for beauty purpose. You will be surprise to see how good egg can be as a home remedy in: Home Remedies for Stretch Marks.

4. Aloe Vera

Without a doubt, Aloe Vera is very beneficial in the skin and hair care. And in the treatment of alopecia, it also enhances the growth of new hair and stops the hair loss at the same time [9]It is one of the most essential home remedies for alopecia you need to know.

Aloe Vera - Home Remedies for Alopecia
Aloe Vera
  • You should use the gel extracted from Aloe Vera to get the best results.
  • Rub it over your scalp and hair. Then, do some massage on those areas.
  • After that, cool water should be used to wash the hair.

On a daily basis, you should follow this remedy 2-3 times to get rid of alopecia naturally in the shortest time.

5. Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil - Home Remedies for Alopecia
Coconut Oil

Baldness is a nightmare to many men (and women), but it is not that serious if you are informed of the benefits of coconut oil.

For many years, it has been one of the best home remedies for alopecia. It is very simple to use as well. All you need to do is to apply it directly on your hair before you go to bed. In the next morning, you should take cool water to wash your hair [10].

6. Lemon

If you have ever suffered from other hair problems like dandruff, you might not be surprised when it comes to lemon. There are many ways to make use of lemon as one of the home remedies for alopecia which you should be well aware of.

The first way is to:

  • Crush a lemon to make a juice.
  • Add some drops of natural oils, such as olive oil or coconut oil.
  • The mixture should be applied directly on the scalp.

Another way to take advantage of lemon is to:

  • Mix a spoon of lemon juice and 3 spoons of Aloe Vera gel. Both of them are especially helpful for the hair growth.
  • The mixture should be rubbed on the hair.
  • After 15-20 minutes, use cool water and shampoo to wash your hair.

7. Honey

Honey can be used variously to treat alopecia, or hair loss. Raw honey is very sweet and good for health, but if combined with other ingredients, it will become one of the top home remedies for alopecia.

You can mix honey with one of these following ingredients and apply the mixture over the skin. You will notice improvements quickly.

How to apply:

  • Several spoons of onion juice.
  • Egg yolk.
  • 2-3 drops of lemon juice.

It is worth noting that another benefit of honey is to make your skin become glower.

8. Almond Oil

Almond Oil - Home Remedies for Alopecia
Almond Oil

For ages, people have used almond oil to help themselves grow a healthy hair and a smooth skin. The richness of nutrients makes almond oil well-known in the beauty industry. After rubbing almond oil directly on your hair, you will witness positive changes quickly.

9. Mustard Oil

Baldness can be stopped with the support of mustard oil. That is the statement of many people who have managed to have a thick and beautiful hair. And it is also the reason why mustard oil must be included in the list of home remedies for alopecia.

  • Prepare mustard oil and boil it.
  • Mix it with 4 spoons of henna leaves which must be crushed before.
  • Then, the mixture should be strained and applied over your scalp.

It is interesting to know that you can even recycle the tobacco remains. When boiling mustard oil, you can add powdered tobacco remains. When the mixture is cool, apply it on your hair.

10. Banana

Eating bananas every day is beneficial for not only your hair but also most parts of your body. A banana gives plenty of vitamins and essential substances that are necessary for remaining healthy.

With all suitable qualities, banana is undeniably one of the greatest home remedies for alopecia.

For the solution of how to get rid of alopecia naturally, you can drink a mixture made from banana, honey, and milk.

11. Oatmeal

Oatmeal - Home Remedies for Alopecia

Baldness or hair loss can be prevented thanks to fiber, which is abundant in oatmeal. Also, omega-3 fatty acids from the oatmeal can reduce the number of fallen hair. Therefore, oatmeal should be in your daily meals as one of the home remedies for alopecia.

12. Green Tea

One of the simplest home remedies for alopecia is green tea. With antioxidant property, green tea offers a diversity of benefits on our health, especially hair care and prevention of acne.

How to apply:

  • Prepare 2 bags of green tea and put into hot water.
  • When the tea becomes cool, it should be applied over the scalp.
  • After 60 minutes, use water to wash the hair.

13. Rosemary

Rosemary leaves are helpful in the removal of hair loss and even the flow of blood inside the body. This herb is extremely useful as one of the most significant home remedies for alopecia.

  • Put some dried rosemary leaves in water.
  • Then, the mixture should be boiled and strained.
  • You can use this mixture to wash your hair when you take a bath.

14. Cinnamon Powder

Cinnamon - Home Remedies for Alopecia

You can use cinnamon powder mixed with water to make a paste that should be applied directly on the hair. This method can be repeated 2-3 times per day to get the best results.

15. Exercises

The key to beautiful skin and hair is doing exercises regularly. There is no immediate result but as time passes by, you will not only become more attractive but also be strong and healthy from the inside. Exercises can prevent the attack of bacteria and virus.

In brief, activity is significantly significant as one of the natural home remedies for alopecia.

16. Acupuncture

Acupuncture has existed for thousands of years, and it brings a lot of benefits to human health. What you might not know about acupuncture is its impacts on the treatment of alopecia. In fact, it is one of the most practical home remedies for alopecia, but you never do it on your own unless you are an expert.

Acupuncture helps to block the T1 cells which are responsible for your hair loss. Furthermore, acupuncture boosts your blood circulation, reduces inflammation, and stimulate your hair follicles. It is also an excellent way to address your depression and anxiety.

Therefore, do not hesitate to get an expert to help you with this problem immediately!

17. Ginseng

Without a doubt, ginseng is one of the most valuable foods which have various medical benefits. It provides such a great number of pharmacological compounds. Ginseng allows you to prevent inflammation and enhance your immune function. As a result, your body will find a way to maintain its immune homeostasis.

According to a study at Korea University College of Medicine in 2012, ginseng is perfect for the treatment of alopecia areata. Those who experience corticosteroid injections also take ginseng as an additional treatment.

You can choose a variety of forms, from tablet to powder. Also, there are many different types of ginseng, but all of them are excellent home remedies for alopecia.

18. Probiotics

Probiotics have incredible influence on our immune system. Therefore, you can make use of probiotics to address numerous autoimmune diseases, such as alopecia.

When your immune system becomes stronger, it will not detect threats wrongly and attack your hair follicles any longer. Besides, you will have a lower risk of inflammation as well.

Thus, the suggestion for you is to include more probiotic foods in your daily diet. You can pay attention to kefir, yogurt, apple cider vinegar, or cultured vegetables, which are the most popular probiotics on the market. They will serve perfectly as home remedies for alopecia.

How to Prevent Alopecia

Apparently, we might never think about alopecia until it happens to us. However, there are clear risk factors that put you in danger of alopecia.

Hence, you should be more careful and learn how to prevent alopecia so that baldness and hair loss would not be your worry.

In general, the prevention of alopecia has several central points. If you follow all of these recommendations, you are reducing your risk of alopecia significantly. It is much more vital to learn these tips than home remedies for alopecia themselves.

Use anti-inflammatory foods

Even when you have already suffered from alopecia, anti-inflammatory foods will still be useful for the treatment. In general, they play an essential role in the prevention of alopecia as they help to prevent inflammation and speed up the recovery.

You will get many antioxidants, essential fatty acids and minerals to have a dominant immune system. Alopecia results from the deficiency of these nutrients, so you had better supply yourself enough.

Anti-inflammatory foods are various. You can choose green leafy vegetables, nuts, spices, coconut oil, or salmon. The variety enables you to enjoy the nutrients without getting bored.

Remember to have a balanced diet which consists of numerous nutrients. While the lack of some nutrients is harmful, the overconsumption of something is not good either.

Get more zinc

In addition to anti-inflammatory foods, zinc is another natural cure for alopecia. And it is an indispensable part in your prevention of alopecia.

Zinc has great impacts on our immune system. It helps to repair the gut, which guarantees that our immune responses work well. Moreover, zinc is significant for your hair follicles’ activities.

According to the International Journal of Dermatology, those suffering from alopecia usually have a lower level of zinc.

Thus, it is vital to provide your body with zinc from many types of foods, such as lamb, pumpkin seeds, spinach, or yogurt.

Stay away from stress

Stress has a significant effect on the prevention and treatment of alopecia. If you wish to get rid of hair loss or thinning hair, you need to learn how to control stress. Only when you are not stressed can your hair grow back efficiently and quickly.

However, does it sound nearly impossible to avoid stress and depression in this hectic society?

In fact, there are numerous approaches to help you reduce stress quickly. You can do some exercises, such as meditation and yoga, or spend more time with your friends outdoors.

It is also necessary to bear in mind that the treatment of hair loss itself is emotionally challenging. Soon you start questioning and losing confidence in your look. Thus, you need friends and family who always support you.

Another solution is to get to know people who experience the same condition as you. They can understand your feelings and together you will overcome the problem.


Alopecia is not a fatal disease, but it affects us on a massive scale, especially when it comes to our appearance. With our home remedies for alopecia, we hope that you can manage to get rid of it quickly.

More significantly, you can learn the prevention so that you never have to encounter this embarrassing condition. LIKE and SHARE the article to help many other people avoid alopecia – hair loss!

*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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