The Best Home Remedies for Alcoholism are Here

The Best Home Remedies for Alcoholism are Here

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Alcoholism must be nothing new to the society nowadays. There are many reasons that make people turn to alcohol, including to relieve stress, to cope with difficulties in life, or to overcome anxiety. Sadly, many people are addicted to alcohol even though they know it is detrimental to their health! Do you know someone who is having a drinking problem and want to help them out?

In this article, we are going to present to you some of our top home remedies for alcoholism, and how to quit drinking! First, we are going to look at what alcoholism is, the symptoms of alcoholism and how you can relieve them. Let’s get started!

What Is Alcoholism?

In the United States, alcoholism has been classified as a disease. Different people might have different signs of alcoholism which range from regular to every day and even binge drinking [1].

This disease can become progressive which means it can be more severe and its impact can worsen with time.

According to 2014 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), approximately 17 million Americans are reported to be alcohol abuse while over 70 million people said they have encounter alcoholism within the family [2][3].

Alcoholism can create problems both physical and mental. Also, it can be triggered by factors such as environment, psychology or even genetics.

People who suffer from this disease are called alcoholics. It is challenging for them to quit and if they want to recover from this, they need to stop drinking completely.

What Are the Symptoms of Alcoholism?

The symptoms can be varied from one to another but there are some common signs such as unable to limit consumption of alcohol, intense desire for drinking, alcohol tolerance as well as irritation when alcohol is unavailable. Some people might even suffer physical symptoms like shaking and sweating, nausea when they cannot drink.

The consequences of alcoholism can be severe as diseases related to liver, digestion, heart, sexuality, eyes, loss of bone, neurology, weaken immunity, diabetes and more chance of getting cancer [4].

Furthermore, alcoholism is often referred to be the cause of accidental injuries, property damage, assault, unsuccessful marriage and increasing rate of suicide and crime.

Normally, people often have an extremely tough time getting out of alcoholism, especially without help. Usually, people who suffer from it deny that they are having an issue of addiction and it makes the treatment a lot harder and longer. Therefore, support from friends, family as well as professional assistance and encouragement are essential for the treatment.

Home Remedies for Alcoholism

Here are the top 10+ most effective home remedies for alcoholism which are easy to apply at home in order to help the sufferer of alcoholism quit as well as regain balance in life.

1. Exercise

The first advice from the list of home remedies for alcoholism is doing physical exercise. Practice physical exercise regularly can help you alleviate the long-term impacts of alcoholism. It can help you avoid brain damage and promote cognitive function after the period of heavy drinking [5][6].

Additionally, exercise will help you maintain a healthy body, relieve stress, elevate mood, combat depression and decrease cravings for alcohol. It can even help you sleep soundly at night. That is why a lot of programs for alcohol rehab include exercises as a component.

Exercises - Home Remedies for Alcoholism

Exercises such as running, brisk walking, swimming, biking or aerobics is useful for curing alcoholism if practicing every day. In case you cannot do it by yourself, you can get training from the expert.

Exercise is always beneficial for your health no matter what. Almost all problems and conditions require you to practice exercises regularly in order to improve the healing process. For more information about the effectiveness of exercise, please read Home Remedies to Increase Metabolism.

2. Acupuncture

This Chinese remedy is considered in one of the most useful methods on the list of home remedies for alcoholism. It can help significantly decrease the desire for consumption of alcohol [7].

Furthermore, it can help you fight against depression and anxiety which are the main factors that often trigger alcoholism. Also, it will promote the wellness for your body.

Acupuncture - Home Remedies for Alcoholism

You will need to have professional practitioner perform the acupuncture in order to obtain the best effect.

Consume alcohol excessively can bring you an annoying headache occasionally as a side effect. By applying acupuncture, you can have your headache entirely under control. If you want to know more about the benefits of acupuncture, please take a look at Home Remedies for Migraines.

3. Yoga and Meditation

From the list of home remedies for alcoholism, those two methods are highly regarded for the treatment of alcoholism. Yoga will tremendously improve your physical strength while stimulating the connection between the mind and the body of yours which is effective at dealing with emotional struggles and stress. At the same time, meditation will help you relax both body and mind [8][9][10].

Meditation - Home Remedies for Alcoholism

In order to practice the appropriate yoga poses, you need to get training from yoga expert in a professional class.

For more information about the benefits and applications of meditation and yoga, please read here: How To Get Good Sleep.

4. Healthy Diet

It is the most important advice from the list of home remedies for alcoholism that you must follow. It can help you stay sober while alleviating the heavy drinking effects. As alcoholism make you incur a loss of appetite as well as decrease the capability of nutrient absorption from the body. Therefore, it is normal most of the alcoholic experience deficiency of nutrition. That is why the body requires a lot of minerals and vitamins in order to fight against the impacts of excessive consumption of alcohol.

Healthy Diet - Home Remedies for Alcoholism
Healthy Diet

How to do:

  • Consume more foods rich in vitamin B12 in order to improve the function of the liver and decrease cravings for alcohol.
  • Consume more foods rich in vitamin C in order to improve the function of the brain and lower alcohol interest.
  • Consume more foods rich in amino acids in order to have your mood stable, thus stop the addiction cycle.
  • Keep out of sugar, caffeine, and nicotine that often trigger the desire for drinking.

It is recommended to consume more cereals, whole-grains, fresh vegetables and fruits as well as complex carbohydrates which are rich in fiber in order to maintain a steady level of blood sugar as the low level of blood sugar often trigger the cravings of alcohol. So the key to home remedies for alcoholism is in the food we eat every day!

5. Dandelion

The first herb from the list of home remedies for alcoholism is dandelion. This herb can help you treat the impacts of excessive drinking. Furthermore, it can even rejuvenate the tissue of the liver while at the same time stimulate the bile production and its flow.

Dandelion Root - Home Remedies for Alcoholism
Dandelion Root

How to use:

  • Take a teaspoon of dried root into some boiling water for about 10 minutes. After straining, consume 2 to 3 cups every day for few months.
  • Also, you can take dandelion in supplementary form of about 500 mg for 2 to 3 times per day but only after consulting the doctor.

6. Coconut Oil

An excellent ingredient in the list of home remedies for alcoholism that you should consider using for the treatment of alcoholism. Due to the oxidative stress from alcoholism leads to resistance of insulin as well as obstruct glucose metabolism of the brain, the saturated fats and antioxidants from coconut oil can heal the nourish the brain effectively.

Furthermore, it can eliminate the yeast in your body which will decrease sugar and cravings for alcohol as sugar induces yeast. Moreover, it is even able to bring down cholesterol, supply energy while helping you keep your weight healthy.

How to use:

  • Consume a couple of tablespoons of extra-virgin coconut oil every day.
  • Also, you can include it in smoothies or hot drinks as well as daily cooking.

7. Kudzu

Being one of the most useful home remedies for alcoholism, this Chinese herb contains the compound named isoflavone which is extremely effective at alleviating hangovers and cravings for alcohol. Use of kudzu extract can help alcoholic reduce drinking efficiently.

The extract which contains 30 to 40% kudzu can be consumed twice every day for a few months.

Note: Remember to consult the doctor before applying this tip as this herb might interact with other medications.

8. Bitter Gourd

Also known as bitter melon, this natural antidote can assist you in detoxifying the toxins in your body. Furthermore, it can even treat the damage of liver from excessive consumption of alcohol. Therefore, this vegetable should not be excluded from the list of home remedies for alcoholism.

Bitter Gourd - Home Remedies for Alcoholism
Bitter Gourd

How to use:

  • Take some leaves of bitter gourd and extract the juice.
  • Take 3 teaspoons of the juice into some buttermilk.
  • Consume once every day while your stomach is still empty.
  • Perform for a few months.
  • You can also include it in your daily diet.

9. Celery

Similar to bitter gourd as an antidote, celery can provide excellent support for the treatment of this disease, being one of the best home remedies for alcoholism. It can detoxify toxins from your body and promote overall health.

How to use:

  • Take ½ glass of juice from celery into some water.
  • Consume twice every day for a couple of months.

10. Date

This tip from the list of home remedies for alcoholism is something that you must pay attention. It is extremely effective at detoxification of toxins in the liver after long period of alcohol consumption. Additionally, it can even decrease alcohol cravings while supply nutrient loss.

How to use:

  • Take 4 to 5 dates and soak in water for an hour.
  • Remove seeds and have them mashed in water.
  • Consume the brew twice every day.
  • Perform for a few months.

11. Apple

Apple - Home Remedies for Alcoholism

There are many fruits on the list of home remedies for alcoholism; however, apple is the most recommended. It can help you efficiently control the alcohol cravings while detoxifying toxins from your body. You can take as many apples as you can regularly.

12. Grape

Besides apple, the grape also makes the list of home remedies for alcoholism. It is the fruit that is considered alcohol’s pure form. Therefore, an alcoholic is recommended to consume grape every couple of hours on a regular basis. Perform the remedy for one month in order to eliminate the alcohol cravings.

13. Milk Thistle

The herb is brilliant at healing liver which damaged by alcohol as well as detoxifying your body. Even better, it can cure permanent and irreversible damages as well as scarring of the liver. That is why this herb is presented here in the list of home remedies for alcoholism.

14. St. John’s Wort

This herb is considered an excellent antidepressant that can help you decrease cravings for alcohol significantly. The chemical pigment named hyperforin from the flower is believed to be able to lower alcohol intake. Also, it can help you combat against some moderate depression. Therefore, you should not surprise seeing this herb in the list of home remedies for alcoholism.

15. Angelica

The last herb in the list of home remedies for alcoholism belongs to angelica. Being a great detoxification agent, it can remarkably control cravings of alcohol. It will ruin your taste for alcohol and make you feel disgusting. Furthermore, the antihistamine property of this herb can even work on alcoholic which is compulsive and driven.

Angelica - Home Remedies for Alcoholism

16. Water

Out of all home remedies for alcoholism, the purest and simplest must be water! Alcoholic drinks dehydrate you quickly. When you are dehydrated, you start to feel dizzy and nauseous. They make you feel thirsty, and dehydration is never a good thing.

That is the reason why we advise you to drink plenty of water to compensate for the loss of body fluids.

Extra Tips

  • Have a clear resolution on quitting alcohol in front of family and friends.
  • Keep out of family members and friends who often drink.
  • Try to have sound sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours every day.
  • Consume sufficient water to avoid dehydration and support recovery of the body.
  • Spend more time on other works in order to have the mind distracted from alcohol cravings.
  • Obtain motivation through spending time with family, especially children.
  • Listen to music more as it will calm your mind and decrease stress.
  • Have some massage in order to promote detoxification of waste products and toxins from your body.
  • Raise a pet or find some hobbies which you are interested.
  • Keep out of smoking as it might trigger alcohol cravings.

How to Prevent Alcoholism

Having alcoholism is having a disease that you need to have strong willpower to resist. You know the negative feelings you have after drinking. Therefore, you do not only need home remedies for alcoholism, but you must also know how to prevent it from happening to you and the people around you. Here are some tips for you to do that.

Do Not Stock Alcohol in Your House

In most households, people will stock up on eggs, dairy, meat, or fish in their refrigerator. Alcoholics tend to store beer because it’s easy to access. Whenever they feel like drinking, they can just come up to their fridge and grab one.

When you have alcohol near you, don’t you feel the urge to take a sip? Then one sip becomes many… If you don’t have beer in your house, you will drink less!

What you need to do is to fill the fridge with other healthy foods and drinks and do not buy more than you can drink!

Do Not Drink According to Your Feelings

It is so easy to drink when you are feeling bad. Everyone has had rough days, and sometimes you just want to take a few drinks. But the point is even when it’s a good day for you, you will feel like you want to celebrate it. In the end, you always turn to alcohol. You make excuses to drink.

Alcohol does not make you feel better in bad days, and it does not make your good days better either. People tend to ignore this and keep drinking. You will be the one who has to make the decision to care about your health or not, to cut down on drinking or not.

There are plenty of ways to deal with your emotions other than drinking. If you are feeling negative, you can share with someone about that. Maybe a family member, a friend, or a therapist. You need someone who listens to you. And if you are feeling good, you can also share it with your loved ones!

Do Not Binge Drinking

Under no circumstances should you drink too much. You can drink but do it moderately. You can either drink at a slow pace or not drink too much in one day. For example, have a drink, but slowly sip it throughout the meal, and only drink 3 – 4 times a day. The key is to know your limits.

It is also advisable to not drink on an empty stomach. You can drink after a meal so that you feel full and will not drink excessively.

Drinking too much will not only leave you with terrible hangovers, but it can also lead to other consequences like drunk driving or doing things you might regret later on.

Do Not Go to Bars

Bars are the places where people drink! You can hardly find someone who goes to a bar and does not drink. Even though many people socialize in bars, and most people think “what’s the harm?”, it will be impossible for an alcoholic to keep it under control when they are at an “alcohol heaven”.

Saying no is not something everyone can do, but saying no for the sake of your health is vital. Learn to refuse when someone asks you to go to the bar. Instead, you can try suggesting other places to go. You can do outdoor activities, you can invite your friends over and cook, you can go to the movies, and many other places that do not involve drinking.

Do Not Go Out with Alcoholics

So what to do when your coworkers and friends are drinkers? You cannot always rely on home remedies for alcoholism! Excessive alcohol can kill people, so is it worth it to risk your health hanging out with alcoholics? When you start to go out with them, they will encourage you to drink even when you are trying to quit. Plus, there are a lot of people who do not drink that you can socialize with.

Track Your Drinking Habit

Only by tracking your drinking habit will you know how much alcohol you have consumed. The first thing you need to do is to set a limit on how much you let yourself drink each week. Knowing how much is too much is necessary.

Then you can note down on a small notebook how much you drink every time you have a cup. After each week, set the limit a little lower to help you drink less. That is being responsible for your own health.

Another way to keep track of how much you drink is by using technology. You can note on your calendar or phone’s note the amount you have drunk. Did you know there is an application for that called DrinkControl? Call this one of your home remedies for alcoholism!

Seek help from others

Alcoholism is a disease, and for every disease, the patient needs support from surrounding people.

How to know when you need support? It’s when you:

  • Consume alcoholic drinks when driving
  • Experience mentioned symptoms in the previous parts of the article
  • Crave alcohol every day
  • Feel depressed
  • Neglect family/work/school
  • Spend too much money on alcohol


If you are suffering from alcoholism, it is necessary that you know you are not alone. There are a lot of support sources that you can come to. Keep a clean diet, do exercises regularly and follow the home remedies for alcoholism that we have introduced to you. You will definitely feel happier if you live a healthy lifestyle.

We would love to hear from you! Please comment if you have any questions and we would be more than glad to answer. Share this piece of information for people who are struggling with alcohol!

*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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