Health Benefits of Salmon

Health Benefits of Salmon

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In this article, Let Home Remedies will introduce top 10 interesting facts about salmon that you might not know about.

Salmon, scientifically called Oncorhynchus, is referred to numerous species of fish belonging to the salmon family, including grayling, whitefish, char, etc. They are characterized as an anadromous fish, which are born in fresh water (rivers), travel to the seas but then come back to near the mouth of rivers for reproduction.

Nowadays, the fish is intensively and extensively grown and produced in many parts of the world. You can have salmon served in various ways, especially raw, smoked, fried and so on.

Salmon has been considered as a beneficial fish that contains a lot of nutritional values. Thus, the health benefits it offers to us are in various aspects, from cardiovascular health, eye care, to tissue growth and the metabolism in the body.

Here are top 10 health benefits of salmon.

1. Great Source of Nutrients

Studies have found a great quantity of nutrients present in salmon, which includes a variety of proteins, vitamins like vitamin A, B, D and minerals like phosphorus, calcium, iron, etc. One of the most valuable substances abundant in salmon is omega-3 fatty acid, also known as good cholesterol for the body. Plus, the selenium provided by salmon has a huge responsibility for metabolism of nails, hairs and other tissues.

It has been proven that all these valuable substances are easy for digestion and absorption without any side effects for the body. Moreover, unlike other meats, salmon does not contain carcinogenic (1) compounds, a harmful agent directly linked to cancer.

Salmon - A great source of nutrients - Health Benefits of Salmon

2. Eye care

Fish, especially salmon is standing out among various kinds of meat for its great benefits for eye. Specifically, the amino acids and the omega-3 fatty acids actively act to promote overall eye health, including improving vision, fatigue and preventing macular degeneration and excessive dryness in the eyes. That is the reason why all mothers want to make salmon a regular dish in their children’s meal.

Eye care - Health Benefits of Salmon

3. Cognitive system

Aside from the ability to promote the functioning as well as endurance of the brain, the omega-3 fatty acids in salmon makes an active element in the combination including vitamin A, D, amino acids and selenium, used to defend against aging-related damages to the nervous system. Also, they can ease the strain in the brain, reduce stress and improve memory. By regularly consuming salmon, you are safe from dementia, even Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Salmon good for cognitive functioning - Health Benefits of Salmon

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4. Metabolism

With the valuable substances mentioned above, salmon is enabled to regulate insulin levels in the body. As a result, it can manage the sugar absorption as well as reduce the blood sugar levels. This make salmon a perfect booster to aid metabolism to work more properly.

Salmon boosts metabolism - Health Benefits of Salmon

5. Diabetes

Thanks for the ability to boost the metabolism, salmon can help you to control the condition of diabetes. In detail, salmon can manage the insulin resistance, thereby regulate insulin levels, and manage sugar absorption in the body. As a result, high blood sugar levels will be significantly reduced, leading to an improvement in diabetics.

Diabetes - Health Benefits of Salmon

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6. Cardiovascular Health

Thanks to the rich content of omega-3 fatty acids, salmon is able to balance the cholesterol levels. Besides, it also helps with the elasticity of veins and blood vessels as well as cardiac muscles strength. At the same time, the amino acids in salmon act to effectively deal with the damages in cardiovascular tissues.

Together, theses substances have proven a great impact on the blood pressure along with cholesterol levels and arteries stiffness. As a result, the risk of getting cardiovascular disease will be significantly reduced.

Cardiovascular health - Health Benefits of Salmon

7. Sleep quality

Another essential element in salmon that you should pay attention to is tryptophan, which can help you with the sleep. In detail, the substance takes effect to make it easier for you to fall asleep and improve a mild case of insomnia.

Good Sleep - Health Benefits of Salmon

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8. Joint health

Joint health is another aspect of health benefits that salmon can bring to us. More specifically, the small amount of proteins called bioactive peptides in salmon acts to increase strength as well as density of your bone. At the same time, calcitonin is able to deal with collagen synthesis in the osteoarthritis cartilage.

Consume salmon at least 2 times a week to improve your joint condition.

Joint Pain - Health Benefits of Salmon

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9. Cancer prevention

Studies have found a strong link between the consumption of salmon and the reduction of the chance getting cancer, including prostate, breast and colorectal cancer. This benefit is due to the great impact of omega-3 fatty acids in salmon on blood cell, in which the strong substance acts to neutralize damaging free radicals, one of the underlying causes of cancer.

Salmon prevents cancer - Health Benefits of Salmon

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10. Other benefits

Besides all of health benefits mentioned, salmon also works with the inflammation in various body parts, including digestive system. It has the ability to inhibit cancer cells in colon, kidney and prostate.

Also, the fish offers a wide range of benefits related to skin, hair, nails, and eyes, which improve people health and appearance.

Salmon - Health Benefits of Salmon

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