Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

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Essential benefits of pumpkin seeds to human health will be covered by Authority Remedies in this articles.

Pumpkins are a squash plant or a cultivar, which is believed to have its origin in North America. Nowadays, pumpkins are grown in various parts of the world for commercial as well as recreational purposes. One of the most common products of pumpkins is pumpkin seeds. The tiny delicious seeds are shaped into a flat and oval or squash form. Pumpkin seeds are commonly consumed as a kind of snack after being roasted.

Although pumpkin seeds are meant to stay in tiny forms, their profile of nutritional value is really rich. Specifically, the seed possesses an impressive amount of manganese, magnesium, copper, zinc, iron, protein, tryptophan, etc. Additionally, it also contains some kinds of vitamins such as vitamin A and vitamin B complex. The phytosterols, a unique organic compound also contributes to the rich nutritional profile of pumpkin seeds.

All of these substances make pumpkin seeds a superfood that is recommended to consume every day. In detail, with a healthy amount of intake, pumpkin seeds actively boost the metabolism, improve heart health, strengthen bone structure and increase sleep quality. Besides, they also have ability to prevent cancer, diabetes, kidney problems, inflammation, and other diseases.

Let’s explore top 10 essential benefits of pumpkin seeds to human health.

1. Cancer Prevention

Pumpkin seeds prevent cancer - Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

The ability to prevent cancer of pumpkin seeds has been shown in various studies and researches. During the research, they have found a large quantity of anti-cancer properties and antioxidants in the tiny seeds, especially phenolic compounds. This substance is considered as a threat to damaging free radicals, which is a dangerous factor directly leading to numerous chronic diseases including cancer. By neutralizing free radicals, pumpkin seeds can keep people safe from cancer and other diseases.

Besides, the seeds are also good at reducing the symptoms of enlarged prostates, keeping the prostate healthy and strong enough to protect itself against cancer.

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2. Heart health

Pumpkin seeds good for heart health - Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

The next benefit that pumpkin seeds can bring to human health is improving heart functioning. This natural ingredient knows how to make use of its phytosterols, a kind of organic compounds to balance the cholesterol levels and reduce blood clots. As a result, the heart can work with its better functioning and be safe from strokes and other problems.

Plus, the copper in pumpkin seeds simultaneously works to assist the production of red blood cell as well as oxygenated passage of blood. This contributes significantly to the reduction of blood pressure and prevention of the chance getting cardiovascular diseases.

3. Diabetes

Diabetics - Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

Studies have found that pumpkin seeds can inhibit the insulin resistance, reduce the secretion as well as sensitivity. This is good news to those who are suffering from diabetes, especially type-2 condition or just see early signs of it. Thanks to the content of magnesium, with proper amount of pumpkin seeds on daily basis, the chance of getting diabetes will decrease by 15%.

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4. Kidney Stones

Kidney Stone - Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

For those who are suffering from kidney problems, especially kidney stones, pumpkin seeds can be seen as a natural cure for the problems. This is due to the ability to detoxify the body, especially the livers and kidneys, which reduces the toxins and encourages blood circulation. Since the diuretic properties and antioxidants in pumpkin seeds helps flush out the dangerous substances in essential organs, the risk of developing kidney problems is also reduced. Also, you are safe from other related diseases such as gouts or arthritis.

5. Inflammation

Pumkin seeds reduce inflammation - Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

Another reason that makes you want to have pumpkin seeds every day is its anti-inflammatory properties. By consuming this snack on daily basis, you are helping yourself to reduce the chance getting inflammation, which is possibly caused by the lack of vitamins and nutrients in the body.

Arthritis, one of the common conditions of inflammation can be also reduced thanks to the consumption of pumpkin seeds. However, along with that it is necessary to add more proteins and nutrients with proper amount so that the pain as well as other symptoms will quickly disappear.

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6. Parasites

Parasites - Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

People often overlook potential risks of parasites and tapeworms to human health. In fact, these are dangerous factors that can lead to many ailments and diseases to people, especially children. Specifically, parasites and worms can cause incorrect growth patterns, diarrhea, malnutrition and even death.

Look for the preventive solution right now instead of waiting until the symptoms appear that you rush to find the cure. Fortunately, pumpkin seeds have been long used as an effective way to rid the body of parasites and worms. Furthermore, it is not difficult to consume it everyday since the seeds are really delicious snack and preferred by even children.

7. Metabolism

Pumpkin seeds help increase metabolism - Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

Metabolism is understood as the biotransformation of the body, which plays a vital role in keeping human’s organ system working properly and healthily. Once it fails, many ailments and diseases such as fatigue, low blood pressure and so on will be likely to appear and affect human health. Accordingly, it is necessary to have a healthy amount of protein intake daily, which is inevitable for metabolic and enzymatic process. Luckily, pumpkin seeds are made of a large portion of protein. As a result, it is recommended to have a proper amount of pumpkin seeds to increase body metabolism.

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8. Pregnancy

Pregnancy - Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

Zinc is a valuable substance that is needed for not only immune support but also pregnancy in women. While vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are extremely necessary to women who are during pregnancy periods, 80% of them are reported to have inadequate amount of zinc intake. This could be a reason leading to preterm birth. Therefore, many health experts recommend pregnant women to have some snack of pumpkin seeds during the day to get more zinc intake.

9. Insomnia

No more insomnia - Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

It has been proven that pumpkin seeds have capacity of calming people, making them relax and have a good night of sleep. This is due to the rich content of magnesium and tryptophan, valuable substances used to ease the mind and increase the quality of sleep at night. Therefore, it is advisable to have some pumpkin seeds after a long day of stress and tiredness or especially when you feel anxious.

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10. Bone Health

Strong Bone - Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are also well known for its rich content of minerals, including calcium, copper, zinc and other valuable substances. Therefore, they are used as a natural way to stimulate bone health and relieve symptoms of related diseases such as osteoporosis. This has been shown in various studies when they found a strong link between a regular consumption of the incredible seeds with the reduction of osteoporosis symptoms and bone weakness.

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