Health Benefits of Pomegranates

Health Benefits of Pomegranates

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Aside from being a juicy delicious fruit, pomegranates appear as a healthy powerhouse.

This fruit with the botanical name Punica granatum, is native to the region of modern-day Iran. It has been domesticated throughout the Mediterranean region and India since ancient times and was brought to America in around 16th century. Nowadays, the pomegranate is widely grown in various parts of the world, including the Middle East, Caucasus region, tropical Africa, etc.

The great health benefits of pomegranates come from its rich profile of nutrients. Specifically, the fruit is enriched with antioxidants, vitamins like vitamin A, C, E and folic acid, along with other minerals and nutrients. These make pomegranates a perfect choice for daily fruit. By consuming pomegranate everyday, you can improve your heart health by improving blood circulation. Moreover, the condition of cancer, stomach disorders, anemia and diabetes can be avoided thanks to the use of pomegranates.

There are still numerous positive effects of the fruit on our health but let’s start with top 10 great health benefits of pomegranates.

1. Digestion

Once you have to face with stomach disorders, think of pomegranates as an effective remedy to quickly get rid of problems. In this case, not only the flesh of the pomegranates but also their leaves, peel and bark can be used to improve the condition by soothing the stomach and reducing the symptoms.

Healthy Digestion - Health Benefits of Pomegranates

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2. Dental care

With the antibacterial and antiviral properties, pomegranates are highly effective in limiting the formation of dental plaque. Also, these properties along with other nutrients help to keep your mouth clean and strengthen the teeth and gums.

Healthy Teeth - Health Benefits of Pomegranates

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3. Diabetes

Consuming pomegranates can be a great solution for those who are struggling with diabetes. It not only lowers the risk of various coronary diseases but also inhibit the hardening of the arteries and blood vessels. As a result, you can save your heart from various diseases.

Pomegranates help with diabetes - Health Benefits of Pomegranates

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4. Heart health

After being digested, the nutrients in pomegranates will immediately work to improve the blood flow in the body. As a result, the risk of heart diseases and strokes will be significantly reduced. Moreover, the antioxidant properties in the fruit help to clean the blood clots in arteries and blood vessels and simultaneously balance the cholesterol levels.

Pomegranates help with heart health - Health Benefits of Pomegranates

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5. Cancer

The rich content of antioxidants called flavonoids enables pomegranates to combat the free damaging radicals, which cause cancer cells and harm other healthy ones. Therefore, consuming pomegranates or drinking its juice is highly recommended by health experts to keep yourself safe from various types of cancer, especially prostate and breast cancer.

Pomegranates prevent cancer - Health Benefits of Pomegranates

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6. Osteoarthritis

The condition of osteoarthritis and atherosclerosis can be significantly improved thanks to the regular consumption of pomegranates. This fruit has the ability to reduce the damage caused by hardening of the arterial walls in the joints and cartilage. Plus, it also can prevent the connective tissues from breaking down inside the body.

Pomegranates improve osteoarthritis - Health Benefits of Pomegranates

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7. Skin health

Thanks to the polyphenolic compounds, powerful antioxidants in pomegranates, you can keep your skin look younger and better. This property of the fruit makes it a perfect ingredient to slow down the aging process and reduce the symptoms such as wrinkles, age spot, etc.

Healthy Skin - Health Benefits of Pomegranates

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8. Anemia

Pomegranates are a great source of iron, an essential chemical element in blood. By eating the pomegranate in any form, you are consuming a large quantity of iron, which helps with the symptoms of anemia like weakness, dizziness and so on. Besides, the iron in pomegranates also contributes to the reduction of anemia by regulating the blood flow in the body.

Pomegranates improve blood flow - Health Benefits of Pomegranates

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9. Stress

Not only do pomegranates help lower the internal oxidative stress inside the body but they also limit psychological stress you have to experience everyday. This effect has been studied in several researches, in which people with a regular consumption of pomegranates have a considerable reduction in the levels of cortisol, a stress hormone in the body.

Pomegranates reduce stress - Health Benefits of Pomegranates

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10. Immunity

Pomegranates are also used to strengthen the immune system and protect against the disorders related to immunity like rheumatoid arthritis and osteroarthritis. This is due to the anti-inflammatory compounds and vitamin C present in pomegranates. By adding pomegranates into your daily meal, you will have stronger immune systems and be safe from common ailments and infections.

Pomegranates strengthen immunity - Health Benefits of Pomegranates

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