Health Benefits of Mistletoe

Health Benefits of Mistletoe

Basically, mistletoe is a broad term used to describe many obligate hemiparasitic plants, which attach to host trees and penetrate into the branches. By sticking themselves to others, mistletoe lives by using water and nutrients absorbed from the host. It is estimated that there are more than 900 species of mistletoe in the world and they belong to 73 different genera. Some species of mistletoe coming from the Eastern America are believed to possess toxins.

More than a plant for decorations or cultural traditions, mistletoe contains a countless number of health benefits that might make you surprised. They include cancer treatments, diabetes prevention, and the positive impact on nervous system, reparatory distress, blood pressure, inflammation, immunity, snoring and menstruation.

Now, let’s take a closer look at top 10 health benefits of mistletoe.

1. Cancer Treatment

Mistletoe - Health Benefits of Mistletoe

There have been several researches and studies aiming at discovering the impacts of mistletoe on patients with cancer. Some have found out that mistletoe helps ease the condition of patients after chemotherapy. Meanwhile, others discover the link between mistletoe with anti-cancer activity. Besides, they also come to a conclusion that mistletoe can cause death in cancer cells.

2. Blood Pressure

Dried Mistletoe Leaves - Health Benefits of Mistletoe

It has been confirmed that the extract from mistletoe has positive impacts on hypertension by reducing blood pressure as well as the strain on the cardiovascular system. Accordingly, mistletoe helps to protect the heart from many problems like heart attacks, strokes and heart diseases

3. Diabetes

Mistletoe - Health Benefits of Mistletoe

Mistletoe is believed to possess an ability to improve the condition of diabetics by reducing the sugar levels in blood. Besides, it also helps to manage the insulin production, lessening the severity of the condition. 2-3 cups of tea made from mistletoe daily are highly recommended by experts.

To treat and prevent diabetes, there are many other ingredients used effectively such as aloe vera. For your information, this is a great plant with a countless number benefits, especially the impacts on the skin. For instance, aloe vera makes a powerful treatments for blemishes as well as stretch marks.

4. Nervous System

Mistletoe - Health Benefits of Mistletoe

For those who often suffer from restless sleep, anxiety, stress or depression, mistletoe can be a perfect solution to help you get rid of the condition. This is due to the ability to ease the nervous system, reduce the stress hormone and help you relax.

5. Sleep Quality

Mistletoe is beneficial for your brain, which makes it a perfect treatment for insomnia and disturbed sleep. Basically, the chemical elements in mistletoe function to ease the nervous system, inducing good and healthy sleep. All you need to do is make a cup of mistletoe tea to drink or inhale the smell of mistletoe oil before bed. The sleep will gradually come to you and help you relax.

*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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