Health Benefits of Milk

Health Benefits of Milk

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Authority Remedies will show you top 10 health benefits of milk in this article.


Milk is such a popular product that it has been leading in the list of beverages in the U.S and Europe. Its health benefits have been repeated by the media and the dairy companies whose purpose is to increase the profit. However, these health benefits of milk are true to some extent.

Although everybody knows that milk is beneficial, only a few of them are aware of some different applications of milk. There are still many unrevealed benefits of milk that you actually should know in order to make the best use of this wonderful ingredient.

Below are top 10 health benefits of milk that will equip you with many advantages in daily life.

1. Bone

This must be the most popular health benefit of milk and it is also the point which the dairy industry focuses on to popularize the use of milk. Known as a great source of calcium, milk can strengthen the well-being of your bones and teeth. In addition, cow’s milk contains much vitamin D which also plays an important role in maintaining the bone health.

The presence of other nutrients in milk, such as magnesium, vitamin C and K, is also beneficial to make your bones stronger and harder.

2. Heart

Besides above-mentioned nutrients, there is another essential nutrient which can be found in milk – potassium. It is super effective in reducing the blood pressure so that you can stay away from many heart diseases. Studies even revealed that people consuming 4069 mg of potassium on a daily basis would tend to have higher chance to stay away from heart disease and the difference is about 50 percent.

In addition to milk, you can choose a variety of foods that contain much potassium, such as orange, tomato or banana.

3. Skin

The application of milk on the skin has been practiced for thousands of years. Even Cleopatra, one of the most gorgeous Egyptian queens, soaked herself in a bath full of milk because she knew the health benefits of milk. Containing many vitamins and essential nutrients, milk can remove any impurity on the skin and enhance the growth of new, health skin. In addition, with moisturizing quality, milk makes your skin soft and glow. You can use milk to wash your body; however, if it is impossible, consuming 2 cups of warm on a daily basis can bring the same effect.

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4. Muscles

Milk should be the best friend of anyone going to gym regularly because one of its greatest health benefits is to improve the growth of muscles. It is because of the richness of protein in milk. It should be consumed immediately after strenuous exercises so that the body can get enough fluid and nutrients it needs to build muscles. Furthermore, milk is effective in reducing the pain caused by workout.

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5. Weight Loss

One of the best health benefits of milk is to quicken the process of weight loss naturally. There are even scientific researches on the efficiency of milk in supporting women’s effort to lose weight. If you intend to lose some weight within a short period of time, you are recommended to consume milk several times per day to get the best result. Milk can be used when you have dinner.

6. Anxiety

Another great health benefit of milk is to help you cope with anxiety and depression. A considerable amount of vitamin D in the body can improve the serotonin production. This is a special hormone that affects your mood. When the level of serotonin is high, you will feel better and happier. This is the reason why milk is effective in the treatment for anxiety and depression.

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7. Energy

Milk and water might have the same effect which is to prevent the body from being dehydrated. However, what makes milk outweigh water is that milk can make a greater difference in your energy level. With many nutrients, milk can make you feel energetic for a long period of time so that you can perform daily activities with the best result.

8. Cancer

According to some reports, when the exposure to the sunlight is limited, the risk of cancer is much higher. They concluded that vitamin D has significant impacts on the prevention of cancer. Besides the sunlight in the early morning, what can you consider a rich source of vitamin D? Milk is the simplest answer you can come up with. Thus, if you want stay away from cancer, you had better choose to consume milk regularly every day.

9. Eyes

Only a few people know that one of the most wonderful health benefits of milk is for our eyes. It is great for the eyesight. On the other hand, when your eyes face problems caused by the bacteria infections, milk can serve as a cleanser to remove them.

10. Longer Life

With all above health benefits of milk, do you realize that milk can actually prolong our life? It is supportive for the prevention of cancer and heart diseases which are among the most common cause for death. It even provides many nutrients to help you stay strong, no matter how old you are. It is undeniable that you had better increase the consumption of milk in your daily life.

*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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