Health Benefits of Kumquats

Health Benefits of Kumquats

In this articles, Authority Remedies will help you better understand benefits kumquats can bring to our health.

At first, kumquats might be mistaken with oranges due to their similar appearance both inside and outside. In fact, kumquats, scientifically called Citrus japonica, are a type of citrus fruits originated from Asia-Pacific region. They have a tiny round appearance looking alike small oranges.

Until the 19th century, kumquats were brought to Europe and Americas for cultivation. Since then, it has been spread and consumed intensive and extensively worldwide. This fruit are used to make cocktails, jellies, candies, deserts and for many other purposes.

Kumquats are well known for its nutritious content of limonene, monoterpenes, fiber, calcium, vitamin A, C and beneficial fats, etc.

As a result, the fruits bring a lot of health benefits to human such as cancer prevention, improving digestion, immunity, along with preventing and treating diabetes and regulating cholesterol levels. Besides, kumquats are also used to help with beauty problems as they actively function to nurture the skin, hair and teeth. There are still various benefits of kumquats that make you regret if you do not include this fruits in your daily basis.

Here are top 10 heath benefits of kumquats.

1. Cancer Prevention

Kumquats prevent cancer - Health Benefits of Kumquats

The first benefit of kumquats you need to know is cancer prevention. Studies have shown the impact of kumquats on human while combating damaging free radicals, which is the essential element leading to damaged DNA as well as cancer cells in the body. Thankfully, kumquats are able to make use of its valuable substances like vitamin A, C, E along with phytonutrients flavonoids to neutralize this harmful factor. Consuming kumquats regularly is highly recommended to keep cancer at bay.

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2. Diabetes

Diabetes - Health Benefits of Kumquats

Besides digestive ailments, fiber is also good at treating and preventing diabetes, one of the most common diseases nowadays. Specifically, by taking in this substance regularly, you are helping yourself to balance the insulin and glucose levels, as well as reduce the insulin resistance in the body. Fortunately, kumquats contain a large quantity of this valuable ingredient, which makes it great fruit for diabetics or those who want to prevent this incurable disease.

Also, there are various natural ingredients that can help you with diabetes. Read more Top Superfoods for Diabetics.

3. Immunity

Strong Immunity - Health Benefits of Kumquats

Another benefit kumquats can bring to human is enhancing immune system. By taking advantages of vitamin C, kumquats help us to boost the immunity in many different ways such as preventing foreign invaders, bacteria, fungi, and infection. At the same time, they actively promote new cells’ growth and cells’ healing process. There is no one can deny the role of vitamin C in immune system as well as the benefit of kumquats to human.

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4. Energy

Kumquats increase energy - Health Benefits of Kumquats

You would never imagine a tiny yellow fruit could contain such an immense quantity of carbohydrate like kumquats. For those who have known the benefits of carbohydrate in our body, this essential element is inevitable to keep our body healthy, active and energetic, especially with people who often need much energy for physical performance.

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5. Digestive System

Aid Digestion - Health Benefits of Kumquats

If you are looking for a natural remedy to improve your digestion, kumquats are one of the wisest choices for it. This is due to the rich fiber content in this yellow little fruit, which function to boost your gastrointestinal tract and keep your digestion work with its best condition. Furthermore, kumquats are also used to reduce symptoms of excess gas, cramping, constipation and other related diseases. 8 -10 kumquats per day are perfect quantity to not only improve digestion but also encourage the nutrient absorption.

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*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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