Health Benefits of Kiwi

Health Benefits of Kiwi

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Kiwi fruit or kiwi, is native in China, which has an oval shape and dull brown color. On the contrary, the inside pulp of kiwi is bright green flesh with a few tiny black seeds. It is estimated that there are about 60 pieces of kiwi worldwide and the most common are the golden kiwi and fuzzy kiwi.

Despite of the small shape, kiwi contains a huge content of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. More specifically, the fruit is loaded with vitamin A, E, K and folate as well as magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and calcium. Furthermore, kiwi also provides a great source of fiber.

Because of such impressive nutritional value, kiwi is used for various health benefits like preventing cancer, diabetes, treating insomnia, improving eye and skin health. Besides, kiwi is reported to be extremely beneficial for pregnancy and iron absorption of the body.

Let’s take a closer look at top 10 health benefits of kiwi.  

1. Eye Health

Eye Health - Health Benefits of Kiwi

Among great health benefits wiki can bring to us, eye health is one of the most important. Kiwi is loaded with phytochemicals zeaxanthin and lutein, which are essential for human eye health. With a healthy amount of these nutrients’ intake, you can reduce the risk of developing cataracts, macular degeneration and other vision problems.

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2. Skin Health

Kiwi - Health Benefits of Kiwi

Thanks to the content of vitamin C in kiwi, the fruit helps to improve and maintain a flawless and healthy skin. Additionally, the vitamin E present in kiwifruit is able to inhibit the aging process, reducing appearance of wrinkles, age spots and so on. Also, the valuable substance can prevent skin damage caused by UV ray. With a regular consumption of wiki, you can prevent various skin problems, keeping it elastic and healthy.

3. Antioxidants

Kiwi - Health Benefits of Kiwi

Kiwi is found with an immense quantity of various types of antioxidants, including vitamin C, phenolic compounds and carotenoids. Another interesting fact about this fruit is that its antioxidants are even stronger than oranges and grapefruit. Accordingly, kiwi is able to fight back free radicals that can cause oxidative damage to the DNA in the body. By regularly consuming kiwi, you can reduce the risk of getting various ailments and diseases.

4. Good Sleep

Good Sleep - Health Benefits of Kiwi

According to experts, couples of kiwis after dinner provide a better chance to get good sleep at night. This is due to the serotonin in the fruit, which can help you easily fall asleep as well as increase the sleep quality. Besides, other substances like catechin, epicatechin, quercetin, naringenin, etc. actively assist the natural sleep of the body.

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5. Stimulate Iron Absorption

Kiwi - Health Benefits of Kiwi

If you are lacking for iron or having problems with iron absorption, you should definitely add more kiwis into your daily diet. Basically, the content of vitamin C and phytochemicals in wiki contribute to the improvement of iron levels in the body by increasing the ability to absorb iron in other food sources.

6. Digestive Health

Aid Digestion - Health Benefits of Kiwi

Like other foods that are rich in fiber, wiki has the ability to aid digestive system and prevent related diseases. In detail, the fiber in the fruit actively works to sooth stomach; improve intestinal health and bowel movement. Therefore, it is a good idea for snack, especially when you get problems with constipation.

Besides fiber, kiwi is also found with a huge amount of proteolytic enzyme actinidin that can boost the traffic inside the digestive system. Plus, the polysaccharides in kiwi can stimulate the activities of probiotic bacteria in the colon.

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7. Diabetes

Kiwi - Health Benefits of Kiwi

For those who are suffering from diabetes, kiwi is suitable to be a fruit-medicine to manage the condition. This benefit comes from the ability to regulate the adipogenesis, which is beneficial for the insulin resistance. Therefore, to prevent diabetes as well as control the development of the diseases, try to add more kiwi into your daily basis.

8. Cardiovascular Health

Kiwi - Health Benefits of Kiwi

The content of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in kiwi make it a perfect fruit for health. Specifically, a proper amount of kiwi intake contributes to a significant reduction of triglycerides in the blood as well as the risk of blood clotting or platelet aggression. Plus, kiwifruit is also able to lower the chance getting thromboembolic and cardiac problems.

9. Cancer

Kiwi - Health Benefits of Kiwi

Kiwi has shown itself as a remedy to prevent various types of cancer, including breast cancer, stomach, lung and liver cancer. Apparently, kiwi inhibits the activities of cancer cells, preventing them from causing damage to other healthy cells. Besides, the antioxidants, carotenoids, vitamins, fiber and catechin are extremely important in the cancer prevention and healing process of damaged cells.

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10. Pregnancy

Pregnancy - Health Benefits of Kiwi

Among the risk that can happen to pregnant women, neural tube defects appear as the most dangerous one since it directly affects the unborn babies and leaves horrible consequences. To avoid this condition, pregnant women should pay attention and take a good care of themselves by taking in enough essential nutrients and stay away from harmful factors. And kiwi is among fruits that benefit pregnancy and prevent neural tube defects. The fruit provides a great source of folate to support the development of cognitive function, while other nutrients like vitamin C, E, K and flavonoids assist the overall health and growth of both the fetus and mother.

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