Health Benefits of Ginseng

Health Benefits of Ginseng

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In this article on Authority Remedies, you are going to learn top 10 health benefits of ginseng.


You must have heard about ginseng at least once in your life. In some large areas, such as Asia and North America, ginseng has been well-known as a cure for many treatments. Although there has not been many researches on the benefits of ginseng yet, its over-five-thousand-year practice can guarantee that if applied in appropriate treatments, ginseng can really take effects. According to statistics, ginseng is used by more than 6 million American people.

Ginseng can be separated in two different kinds: Asian and American ginseng. They both have significant impacts on our well-being, though their advantages might be different in each case. In addition, there is a popular belief that the older the ginseng root is, the more benefits it provides. Therefore, the age of a ginseng root affects significantly its price. In 1976, a Manchurian ginseng root that was 400 years old was sold at the price of $10,000 per ounce.

Everyone knows ginseng is beneficial for the health, but they have little idea of how many benefits ginseng actually has or what to do to make right use of ginseng. Here are top 10 health benefits of ginseng you need to know in order not to waste such a valuable herb.

1. Heart

Heart-Health - Health Benefits of Ginseng

One of the best benefits of ginseng is to keep your heart healthy. With anti-hypertensive quality, ginseng can protect you from encountering heart failure. Specifically, if you use Asian ginseng regularly, the risk of heart disease can be reduced signficantly and it even improve the level of healthy cholesterol in your body. Nevertheless, ginseng is not recommended for those who suffer from high blood pressure because it is effective in raising the blood pressure.

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2. Anti-Aging

Anti-Aging - Health Benefits of Ginseng

What people tend to be afraid of when they get older and older is the appearance of aging signs on the skin, such as wrinkles. Many creams are believed to help you get rid of them successfully, but it is quite hard to find a cream that does not contain some chemical toxins. Therefore, you should use ginseng – a natural remedy – to fight against the aging signs. With antioxidant quality, ginseng can stop free radicals from forming and growing on your skin.

3. Control Weight

Control Weight - Health Benefits of Ginseng

If you are stuck on the process of losing weight, then you should consider using ginseng to quicken it. To help put your weight under control is the next health benefit of ginseng you need to remember. Known as an appetite suppressant, ginseng is effective in lowering your desire to consume something; therefore, your body will get fewer calories.

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4. Erectile Dysfunction

One of the greatest health benefits of ginseng for men is to help deal with erectile dysfunction – a problem relating to the erection that causes thousands of men to be embarrassed in bed. This application has been recorded for thousands of year and Chinese feudal kings were in favor of it to strengthen their sexual activities.

Erectile Dysfunction - Health Benefits of Ginseng

Moreover, ginseng has a series of related benefits. For example, it can help men improve both the quantity and the quality of their sperm. Ginseng also gives people a hand in increasing their libido.

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5. Menopause

Ginseng - Health Benefits of Ginseng

Menopause is a common problem in women and it might lead to a lot of troubles in their daily life, such as depression. Therefore, it is crucial to put an end to this problem as soon as possible. In this case, ginseng is also beneficial. You are recommended to use Asian ginseng in particular in order to get rid of annoying menopausal symptoms.

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6. Immunity

Another popular health benefit of ginseng is to strengthen our immune system. Containing many nutrients and vitamins, ginseng can immediately raise our energy level and improve the stamina. Notably, it is not similar to coffee that increases the energy level with the intervention of caffeine. Ginseng is completely good for the health and it does not have any side effect in the long run. If you want to stay away from fatigue as much as possible, ginseng should be placed at the top of your shopping list.

7. Cold

When the immune system is supported thanks to ginseng, you will become stronger and stronger in the battle against problems, such as cold or flu. These problems are caused by the bacterial infections which can be prevented effectively if you use ginseng regularly. Both Asian and American ginseng are recommended to achieve this goal.

There was a research to prove the accuracy of this information. When a group of people used 400 mg of Asian ginseng on a daily basis and kept this habit in 4 months, fewer colds were recorded and even in case they were infected, the healing process was much faster.

8. Anxiety

Headache - Health Benefits of Ginseng

Ginseng serves as a natural adaptogen which can help you cope with anxiety effectively. You are suggested to consume several cups of the tea made from ginseng root. It is also super powerful to treat problems that might happen due to stress, such as stomach ulcer.

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9. Memory

With antioxidant quality, ginseng is great for the efforts to stop free radicals from damaging our brain cells. Thus, its health benefits include the improvement of memory capacity and your mental performance. A report revealed that if you use Panax ginseng root every day and maintain this habit in 3 months, your risk of Alzheimer’s disease is much lower. Stroke patients using ginseng are also recorded to have their memory improved better.

10. Blood Sugar

Blood Sugar - Health Benefits of Ginseng

Last but not least, one of the best health benefits of ginseng is to help treat diabetes. It is because that ginseng is very effective to improve the sensitivity of insulin in your body. Korean red ginseng is highly recommended to get the best result. Besides, you should really consult a doctor before using anything to avoid the worst scenario,

*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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