Health Benefits of Celery

Health Benefits of Celery

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Celery, scientifically called Apium graveolens, is referred to a cultivated plant consumed as a vegetable. It is believed to have origin in Mediterranean and North Africa areas, and now spread to various parts of the world as a popular ingredient for dishes. Specifically, celery is use to make snack, salads, soups and other side or main dishes.

There is a great nutritional value present in celery thanks to the huge quantity of minerals, including sodium, magnesium, zinc, iron, potassium, etc. Besides, the vegetable also possesses vitamins like vitamin A, C, D, B6, B12, K, as well as folic acid, fiber and thiamin.

More than a vegetable, the nutritional value of celery brings to human many health benefits that you might not know. They are the abilities to reduce cholesterol, blood pressure and deal with arthritis, asthma, etc. Furthermore, celery assists the immunity, weight loss and improves overall health.

Let’s get a closer look into top 10 health benefits of celery.

1. Antiseptic

Due to the fact that celery is good for urination, it has the antiseptic ability, which means celery can flush out the uric acid in the body. This is good news for those who are suffering from kidney stone, cystitis, bladder disorders and other related conditions.

Celery has antiseptic property - Health Benefits of Celery

2. Immune system

Vitamin C is well known as an inevitable element to reinforce the immunity strength. Meanwhile, this substance is abundant in celery, which makes the vegetable a perfect choice for daily meal to improve the overall health. By using celery frequently, you can stay safe from common colds as well as other diseases.

Celery boosts immunity - Health Benefits of Celery

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3. Blood pressure

Celery is among the effective remedies used to reduce blood pressure thanks to the compounds called pthlides in the vegetable. Specifically, it helps to clear the cholesterol and clots in the blood vessels, thereby promote blood flow. As a result, the blood pressure will be significantly reduced, which can ease the strain of cardiovascular system, saving your heart from various diseases.

Celery reduces blood pressure - Health Benefits of Celery

4. Cholesterol

The pthalides in celery also have the ability to accelerate the excretion of bile juice, leading to a reduction of cholesterol levels. Besides, the fiber present in the vegetable partly contributes to the eradication of bad cholesterol (LDL) and improvement of bowel functioning. As a result, eating celery frequently can help you prevent many problems related to heart health.

Celery reduces cholesterol - Health Benefits of Celery

5. Asthma

Asthma (2) is a common condition caused by the uncontrolled inflammation in the airway. If asthma is not addressed in time, it can lead to much discomfort and eve other worse diseases for people. Fortunately, celery can deal with this problem by reduce the inflammation in the body. As a result, the symptoms of asthma will gradually disappear, giving back the health and strength to people.

Asthma - Health Benefits of Celery

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6. Joint health

Celery possesses a great power of anti-inflammatory properties, which are used to deal with pain and swelling in joints. Moreover, as the uric acid is reduced after consuming celery, the condition of joints will be significantly improved. Along with the ability to repair damaged tissues, celery can promote the new cell growth in affected joints.

Joint Pain - Health Benefits of Celery

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7. Cancer prevention

One more reason that makes you want to eat more celery on daily basis is its ability to prevent cancer. Due to the rich content of flavonoids, polyacetylenes, phthalides, etc. celery is able to wipe out the carcinogens in blood, a harmful substance causing cancer in living cells. Besides, the coumarins in the vegetable act as an active booster of white blood cells activity, leading to a strong immunity against cancer. As a result, the free radicals will be immediately neutralized and removed out of body.

Celery prevents cancer - Health Benefits of Celery

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8. Migraine

Migraine (3) is a neurological disease that can lead to severe headache and other symptoms related to nervous system. Studies have proven that people who often face with migraine, experience a reduction of symptoms as soon as they use celery more frequently. In detail, celery helps to suppress the production of a hormone causing the disease, called Nitric Oxide.

Migraine - Health Benefits of Celery

9. Diabetes

The rich in fiber of celery enables the vegetable to inhibit the development of diabetes, especially typp-2 diabetes. This has been proven in various studies when there are positive results when diabetics were made to consume celery everyday and get a reduction in symptoms. Try to add more celery into your daily diet to help control the condition by yourself.

Celery treats diabetes - Health Benefits of Celery

10. Weight Loss

Another benefit of celery is the effect to aid weight loss. This is due to the fact that celery is really high in fiber but low in calories. As a result, as you consume celery, the fiber actively makes your stomach feel full and no longer craving for other foods. Without being worried about gaining weight, you can have celery as much as you want because of its low content of calories. Instead of adding celery into the meals, you can change the way to consume by having celery juice.

Weight Loss - Health Benefits of Celery

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11. Other benefits

Aside from benefits mentioned above, celery also can bring to us numerous health benefits in different aspects, including diuretic activity, rheumatism, eye health, nervous system and so on. Besides, celery makes use of its antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients to help us defend against diseases like pancreas, liver, kidney, constipation, obesity, etc. Try to add more celery into your daily meal to effectively and quickly improve your health condition and prevent diseases.

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