Health Benefits of Avocado

Health Benefits of Avocado

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Avocado, also known as Alligator Pears, is an evergreen tree native in Mexico and Central America. Until now, this fruit has been widely cultivated in sub-tropical, tropical and equatorial areas, especially Mediterranean climate. Avocado is a delicious fruit, which is usually eaten raw or added in salads.

The rich content of nutrients in avocado makes the fruit one of superfoods in the world. The nutrients profile of it includes monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and miners. Specifically, avocado possesses iron, potassium, calcium, iron, and phosphorus, zinc, as well as vitamin A, D, C, B6, B12, etc. Besides, the rich in fiber also contributes to the popularity of avocado.

For the rich nutrient profile, avocado is considered to be a superfood that brings along an array of benefits on health. According to various health experts, this fruit can be used to not only prevent cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and cancer but also treat vitamin K deficiency, slow down the aging process.

Here are top 10 main health benefits of avocado.

1. Kidney

Kidney is one of essential organs inside body, which has the main function to remove waste products, toxins out of the body. Also, it can regulate blood pressure and control the red blood cells production. Therefore, it is necessary to always keep your kidney healthy and strong. This requires an appropriate supplement of minerals and fluids, especially potassium, a substance to maintain the fluid balance. Fortunately, avocado is enriched with minerals, including potassium. This makes it a perfect choice to improve kidney health.

Avocados good for kidney - Health Benefits of Avocado

2. Morning sickness

Morning sickness is a common symptom that almost of pregnant women have to face in the early stage of the journey. It always comes with the nausea and vomiting or queasiness in the morning or even during the day. Thankfully, due to the presence of vitamin B6, avocado can inhibit these symptoms so that new-moms can feel much more comfortable.

Morning sickness - Health Benefits of Avocado

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3. Cancer prevention

One of significant excellent benefit avocado can bring to us is anti-cancer properties. Owing to the carotenoids and monounsaturated fat present in avocado, the fruit is able to reduce the risk of developing cancer. Besides, the profile of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties also enable the body to fight back harmful free radicals and cancerous cells.

Avocados prevent cancer - Health Benefits of Avocado

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4. Skin health

For an unhealthy and dark skin, avocado can be seen as a lifesaver. Specifically, the vitamins and minerals in avocado, after being absorbed, will immediately deal with the UV-induced inflammation of the skin. These substances enable avocado to defend the skin against sunburn damage. At the same time, other nutrients in avocado nurture and repair damaged skin cells and promote new cell growth.

Avocado mask - Health Benefits of Avocado

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5. Anti-aging

Avocado is said to possess various vitamins, including vitamin C and E, which is used to promote the antioxidant properties in the body. Besides, the fruit also has many other antioxidants like violaxanthin, epocatechin, and so on. All these work effectively to fight back the symptoms of aging and slow down the process in various body parts.

Avocado inhibits aging process - Health Benefits of Avocado

6. Bone health

By consuming avocado regularly, you are naturally reducing the risk of cartilage defects, one of the symptoms of osteoarthritis. Furthermore, the essential minerals in the fruit like copper, zinc, calcium, etc. also work well to inhibit the chance getting osteoporosis and strengthen the bone system.

Avocado good for bone - Health Benefits of Avocado

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7. Diabetes

Not only the fruit, but also the leaves of the plant can be used to benefit human health. Accurately, this part of the plant is able to regulate the blood glucose levels. Also, the fiber content in avocado contributes to the reduction of the chance getting diabetes by inhibiting the process of food turns into sugars. Therefore, the body can absorb the nutrients better.

Avocado prevents diabetes - Health Benefits of Avocado

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8. Physical performance

For those who need a lot of energy for physical performance, avocado can meet the requirement. In detail, this green fruit can provide enough essential nutrients to maintain the energy and prolong the endurance to keep the athletes at the best performance. Plus, the phytochemicals present in it are excellent natural fuel for the body.

Physical performance - Health Benefits of Avocado

9. Arthritis

As mentioned, avocado is fully packed with phytochemicals, carotenoids, flavonoids, omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrients. They work well together to effectively reduce the inflammation in joints, muscles and tissues. As a result, the symptoms of arthritis will be significantly reduced thanks to the use of avocado.

Arthritis - Health Benefits of Avocado

10. Heart health

Another great effect avocado can bring to us is heart health. In detail, this fruit helps to balance cholesterol levels, reduce the triglycerides, promote blood flow and lower blood pressure. As a result, all the improvement will lead to a better heart function, keeping the diseases related to cardiovascular and heart at bay.

Avocado good for heart - Health Benefits of Avocado

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