Cucumber – A Great Superfood

Cucumber – A Great Superfood

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Cucumber is so familiar with people as an ingredient in culinary and beauty treatments. This vegetable has origin in Southern Asia 10,000 years ago and now is present in all parts of the world with various types.

More than an ingredient in culinary and beauty remedies, cucumber holds a lot of benefits for human health. This ingredient contains a range of vitamin A, C ad folic acids, along with fiber and minerals such as potassium, molybdenum, magnesium, etc. Through time, it has proven itself to be a great remedy to boost overall ealth.

Let get a closer look at 10 prominent effects of cucumber.

1. Hydration

Cucumber makes an ideal source of water, which is used to protect against dehydration. Besides, the electrolytes are also important to keep body fresh and hydrated. Generally, this is a great food to keep by your side during hot summer day.

Cucumeber keeps the body hydrated - Cucumber - A Great Superfood

For more natural treatments to keep yourself hydrated, read Home Remedies for Dehydration.

2. Constipation

Cucumber is the perfect mixture of fiber and water, thus it excellently prevents and treats constipation. Besides, the rich content of vitamin C, silica, magnesium and potassium also contributes to the health benefits of cucumber bringing to our body. Since the water amount makes up 96% of this vegetable weight, cucumber is believed to have better quality than plain water. During constipation, you will lose a lot of body’s water, thus it is necessary to make them up to avoid dehydration.

It is worth to try a cucumber per day to improve body’s health and prevent diseases.

Cucumber treats constipation - Cucumber - A Great Superfood

Besides cucumbers, there are many other remedies to treat the symptoms of constipation. You can find out at Home Remedies for Constipation.

3. Kidney stones

Another benefits cucumber can bring to us thanks to its richness of water is protecting against kidney stones.

Cucumber treats kidney stones - Cucumber - A Great Superfood

Undeniably, the main cause leading to this disease is the lack of water in our body. Meanwhile, cucumber provides us with a large amount of water, which helps to successfully keep us safe from kidney stones.

For better effect, consume both skin and all the cucumber because there is a huge quantity of vitamin A presenting in it.

Similarly to kidney stones, gallstones cause people a lot of troubles. To easily treat this condition, find out the natural treatments at Home Remedies for Gallstones.

4. Diabetes

Cucumber has long used as an inevitable remedy for diabetics. This vegetable is able to boost the production of insulin and balance the blood sugar levels. Besides, unlike the other foods, the carbohydrates in cucumber allow patients with diabetes to digest easier, keep the glucose level under control. That is the diabetics are recommended to add cucumber in any form into their diet.

Cucumber good for diabetes - Cucumber - A Great Superfood

Learn more about other ingredients used to treat this condition at Home Remedies for Diabetes.

5. Heart health

According to many researchers, the potassium in cucumber is enough to help reduce blood pressure. With proper intake of potassium, the risk of heart disease and stroke will automatically decrease.

Cucumber prevents heart diseases - Cucumber - A Great Superfood

At lease a cucumber a day is the simplest way to protect yourself from cardiovascular diseases.

To ensure the health of your heart, you’d better prepare a few treatments for preventing diseases. Read more How to Prevent Heart Stroke.

6. Cleanse the body

The cleaning properties in cucumber are considered to be among the most powerful substances used to detoxify the body. It actively diminishes the toxin and waste out of the body. Besides, it works effectively to assist urine secretion, which benefits urinary bladder, liver, kidney and so on.

Cucumber is used to cleanse the body - Cucumber - A Great Superfood

Therefor, you’d better regularly use cucumber to have a healthy and clean body.

7. Brain health

By consuming cucumber frequently, you are helping yourself to improve brain health thanks to a substance in cucumber called fisetin. This ingredient inhibits the development of neurological diseases related to aging. Owing to this fact, people with Alzheimer’s disease will be helped a lot with cognitive function.

Cucumber good for brain - Cucumber - A Great Superfood

8. Skin

Cucumber has been always on the top list of natural treatments for skin. It has ability to sooth the swollen irritated skin and even treat the inflammation. For sunburn, cucumber functions to ease and heal affected areas. Besides, you can easily deal with puffy eyes by placing cucumber onto the eyes.

Healthy skin - Cucumber - A Great Superfood

The most valuable benefit of cucumber is anti-aging, keeping your skin fresh and elastic longer.

Learn more about natural treatments to get rid of blemishes and get a healthy skin at Home Remedies for Blemishes.

9. Bone health

Bone fracture is one of the most common problems for those who do not have an appropriate diet with enough fruits and vegetables. This is due to the lack of vitamin K intake. Meanwhile, cucumber can provide a proper amount of vitamin K to your body, which can boost calcium absorption, leading to strong bone structure.

Cucumber improves bone health - Cucumber - A Great Superfood

10. Healthier body

With all benefits above, cucumber shown itself as a multifunction ingredient that possesses amazing effects that you even did not think of before. There are many other health advantage cucumber can bring to you, including treating rheumatic conditions caused by excessive uric acid, aiding digestion, curing gout and eczema, etc.

Cucumber gives you a healthy life - Cucumber - A Great Superfood

For those who are suffering from lungs or stomach diseases, cucumber also helps a lot. Besides, it enhances not only the flexibility of muscles but also blood circulation and nerve relaxing. Not only that, the minerals in cucumber plays an important role in treating and maintaining the health of fingers and toes nail.

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*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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