Black Eye Natural Treatments – Top 6 Simple Tips (Infographic)

Black Eye Natural Treatments – Top 6 Simple Tips (Infographic)

A black eye or scientifically called periorbital hematoma indicates black color which happens in eye or areas around eyes. Many people consider it as a worse situation of dark circle. While getting a punch in the face is said to be the main cause of a black eye, other factors which can trigger this problem can be listed as stress, the lack of nutritional consumption or allergies.

When it comes to the treatment for a black eye, people are highly recommended to try simple ingredients which come from nature.

Following are top 6 home remedies for black eye which can help you say goodbye to this problem well.

1. Tea Bag – simply add 2 used tea bags which are placed in the fridge into your affected area to enjoy better condition of your problem.

2. Cucumber – loading with an excellent source of antioxidants, cucumber can effectively lighten dark color of your eyes.

More than this, cucumber can turn into one of the best Home Remedies for Dark Underarms.

3. Potatoes – more than a cooking ingredient, potato can turn into a great solution to black eye.

You can learn more about effect of potatoes at Home Remedies for Chilblains and Home Remedies for Minor Burns.

4. Mint Leaves – are one of the best home remedies for black eye thanks to its loading with not only cooling effect but also lightening quality.

5. Salt – by using salt, you can gradually lighten the color of your black eyes well.

6. Spoon – people have been using spoon to get rid of black eye for years.

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*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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