Amazing Almond – A Must-Eat Superfood

Amazing Almond – A Must-Eat Superfood

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Almond is an edible seed, which has origin in South Asia and Middle East.

There are numerous dishes that can use almond as flour, butter, oil, almond milk or just directly eat raw almond.

This seed are fully packed with vitamin E, magnesium, protein and copper, along with fiber, vitamins, minerals and so on. Furthermore, almond possesses a rich content of healthy unsaturated fatty acids, which is beneficial for your body.

As a result, almond holds a potential to be a great ingredient that contributes to human health and protects against diseases.

Here are 10 health benefits of almond.

1. Brain

Almond is believed to have many nutrients, especially riboflavin and L-carnitine, which contribute to the development of human brain. These substances acts effectively to promote activities of the brain thus lower the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s diseases. Generally, this kind of food is extremely nutritive and essential for the nervous system.

Studies have found a connection between intellectual level and the consumption of almond. Therefore, almond has been long used as a good companion in diet of growing children.

Almond good for brain - Amazing Almond - A Must-eat Superfood

2. Cholesterol

Cholesterol is defined as a compound of the sterol type in body tissues such as the nerves and blood. This substance is essential to many activities of the organs in our body but with high concentration, it could possibly lead to atherosclerosis and the risk of heart diseases.

By consuming almond frequently, you are giving yourself a chance of regulating the levels of high density lipoproteins (HDL) and low density lipoproteins (LDL). This extremely benefits your health since it keeps cholesterol stable and function at its best.

Almond reduces bad cholesterol - Amazing Almond - A Must-eat Superfood

3. Bone health

Phosphorus is among the most vital substances for bone health. Specifically, it reinforces the structure of bones and teeth, promoting their strength and durability. Therefore, phosphorus helps a lot to protect against the onset of conditions related to aging.

Almond improves bone system - Amazing Almond - A Must-eat Superfood

4. Heart

It is said that almond can be used to promote heart function thanks to the rich content of protein, potassium, mono-unsaturated fats. Besides, it also possesses an amount of vitamin E, which is a great antioxidant and has the ability of lowering the development of heart problems.

Furthermore, natural properties in almond work actively to prevent artery-damaging inflammation and artery wall damage. With a proper amount of almond in the daily diet, the vascular function in asymptomatic healthy men at 20-70 can be significantly improved.

Almond protects heart - Amazing Almond - A Must-eat Superfood

5. Immunity

Studies have proven another benefits almond can offer us is a boost to immune system. This is due to the great alkali substance in almond, which acts to reinforce the human’s immunity and protect against ailments and diseases. At the same time, vitamin E in almond removes all damaging free radicals inside the body, making a shield to fight against various types of cancer and heart diseases.

Almond boosts immunity - Amazing Almond - A Must-eat Superfood

6. Constipation

Almond is extremely good for your digestion because it is enriched with fiber. Therefore, the symptoms of constipation can be prevented thanks to this incredible seed. For better effect, you should take in a large amount of water while consuming almond to enhance the digestive process. 4-5 almonds are ideal amount to benefits your digestion and bowel.

Almond treats constipation - Amazing Almond - A Must-eat Superfood

7. Weight loss

Excess weight seems not to bother people anymore thanks to an amazing effect of almond on appetite. This seed acts to fulfill the stomach and contain the craving for food. Even with small quantity of almond, your stomach will completely satisfy. Therefore, many health experts recommend almond to patients with obesity or those who want to lose weight.

In another study, subjects with a regular consumption of almond are likely to gain and maintain their expected weight.

Weight loss - Amazing Almond - A Must-eat Superfood

8. Pregnancy

Birth defects are what make parents afraid the most since it severely affects their newborn. To reduce the risk of developing this condition, mothers can help their unborn children by consuming almond daily as this seed can promote healthy cell growth and tissue formation. Besides, doctors often encourage pregnant women to take the folic acid, which is present in almonds, through supplements. Having almond instead of chemical medicine, you can avoid advanced effects.

Pregnancy - Amazing Almond - A Must-eat Superfood

9. Anti-inflammation

Fatty acids are essential and important for overall health. However, there is no way body can produce this substance by itself, so we have to get fatty acids from dietary source. Meanwhile, almond is rich in fatty acids. This enables the seed to functions to help with the inflammatory reduction in all part of body.

Anti-inflammation - Amazing Almond - A Must-eat Superfood

10. Skin

Almond oil is not only useful for adult skin but also safe for babies, even with the newborn. It is used to cleanse, remove dark circles and tan, as well as treat skin problems such as skin rashes and reduce signs of aging. Therefore, a bottle of almond oil should be always present in your house to treat your skin in time.

Skin health - Amazing Almond - A Must-eat Superfood

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