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About Authority Remedies

The ultimate goal of Authority Remedies is helping people around the world reach a healthy lifestyle as well as strong body and mind.

The information inside Authority Remedies focuses on providing visitors and readers with natural, simple-to-follow home remedies in order to handle a lot of health and beauty problems, like home remedies for various diseases, effective skincare and hair care regimes. The nature of work from our editorial department here is entirely based on relevance and accuracy in order to bring you the most precise and appropriate content about how to prevent diseases and obtain healthy lifestyle as well as directly assist visitors and readers in providing medically significant and clinically reviewed answer for their questions regarding their health.

Furthermore, all of our articles are prepared and written by professional writers with in-depth medical knowledge about various aspects of health. Also our editorial department try their best in presenting to you the information in the most engaging and concise as well as easy-to-comprehend format. The double-checking procedure of both the medical experts and the editorial department will ensure that the information at your end is the most credible and meets the needs of the audience.

All the information from Authority Remedies are not meant to replace the position of doctor as well as the experience of professional medical care. The information at Authority Remedies are created with the purpose of enlightening the audience about the positive effect of natural home remedies in the treatment of diseases and healthy lifestyle. Additionally, we do encourage the audience to have your conditions and problems consulted by certified doctors and have them advise before applying any tips from our articles.

The criteria of content at Authority Remedies are strictly as below:


All the topics presented in Authority Remedies are all current issues which are affecting the health of each and every families. The topics have a wide range from fairly common problems such as cough or headache to even complicated and complex conditions such as insomnia. Besides articles about diseases, we also bring you latest medical news about new treatment, new products as well as up-to-date warnings and alerts about diseases and plagues together with newly discovered tips on how to make your lifestyle become more healthy.

Medical Credibility

All the latest and newest medical researches and findings we use in Authority Remedies are originally published on credible sites such as The New England Journal of Medicine, The Journal of American Medical Association, Pediatrics, The Lancet, Diabetes Cares, Circulation, etc.

Editorial Ethics

The editorial department of Authority Remedies is responsible for helping you recognize between verified medical information and other information such as news or non-news contents as well as promotional information.

Original Article Process

All the medical information and facts are examined and reviewed thoroughly by certified and experienced medical experts and specialists for their credibility and appropriateness as well as accuracy in characterization of the information. After passing through that process, the information will then be edited by our editors in order to ensure the punctuation, easy-to-comprehend and flow of the articles. The final process will be publishing the articles onto the website by converting and uploading.

There is a series of references taken from scientific sources in our articles. Each number in the square brackets [1, 2, 3] contains a clickable link that gives you direct access to scientific information.

Licensed Content

Whenever Authority Remedies uses the contents from third-party sources, the content managers will review the procedures and policies for the third-parties sources to check whether they are aligned with Authority Remedies‘s policies and there are no conflict of interest policies between Authority Remedies and the third-party sources.

Although, Authority Remedies is unable to check every page of the third-party sources, we do thoroughly check out samples of those contents in order to ensure that the information is timely and precise and consistent with our policies for publish.

Authority Remedies also urges the third-parties to implement similar policies and standards as well as have their contents reviewed annually or semi-annually by professional reviewers. In case the contents violate any policies or are not permitted to published, Authority Remedies will do the best to take them down until the policies allow.

Content Crew

  • Dr. John Han – Founder and CEO (About John Han)
  • Lyndsie¬†Beresford – Editor (About Lyndsie Beresford)
  • LiLy – Editor (About by LiLy)
  • Erin – Editor (About by Erin)

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Tech Crew

  • Nick Kaushan – co-founder and web developer
  • Lindsey Metrus – Design & Development
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