6 Simple Butter Alternatives For An Adventurous Baker

6 Simple Butter Alternatives For An Adventurous Baker

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Baking fans, or people in general, will say butter makes everything better. Would they be say that when they realize they’re playing around with something that produces an astounding 1,600 calories and 177 grams of fat for every cup used in baking? It wouldn’t be a bad idea to give a substitution to 6 simple substitute for butter in cookies to see if they meet the tastiness scale while saving your health.

1. Greek Yogurt

You can still stick to dairy without relying on butter. Lots of people are adding Greek yogurt like Chobani into their lives, so it’s not much of a stretch to do the same into your regular baking recipes. You should check 11 Health Benefits of Yogurt.

Greek Yogurt

How does that work?

Well, you’d need a portion of yogurt-to-butter — something around % of a cup and a cup of butter for every cup. Some use half-and-half if you are a bit more adventurous with the texture.

What comes out are healthy cookies from the protein, bacteria and yeast. Many times the cookies comes out with a more cake-like texture — if you’re a fan of that, then this is perfect for you.

Because of the consistency it might take a couple of tries to get it right, or get used to the results. But you are talking about super low-calorie cookies here.

2. Applesauce

Using applesauce gives cookies a more homemade flavor to the batch that you make. It’s a great way to get rid of the leftover applesauce you always have sitting in the back of the fridge as well. The consistency of applesauce makes it so that you don’t have to worry too much about the mixture falling apart.

How do you make it?

Most go half-and-half to the butter/applesauce, but depending on the consistence of the applesauce you can probably put more or less. For desired chunkiness, put some actual apple in the mix, in sliced form preferably.

One great thing about applesauce is that lot of recipes don’t need many eggs. Another perk besides the lower use of butter is the lowered use of sugar as well in some recipes — it’s a fruit after all.Of course, applesauce cookies will have the best taste if it has cinnamon in it.

Speaking of fruits, if you want to go for a full experience, throw more into it.

3. Canola Oil

How does this work?

Canola oil uses a good amount of oil to butter and makes an airy flavor in baked goods. There’s no complications to the substitution between butter and oil. These cookies are made for fans of really chewy cookies, although you might get crispier edges than you’re used to with regular cookies.

How do you make it?

First off, the substitution goes by 3/4 of a cup for every cup of butter on average, then changes to scale. Sugar and vanilla are important to canola oil cookies. Sometimes they need more than recipes say they do, so don’t feel bad to indulge and pour a little bit more.

The actual baking doesn’t take much time in a lot of recipes. It can be an acquired tasted from the soft-to-crispiness texture, but the simplicity of making the batter more than makes up for it.

4. Banana


People use bananas for baking already in the shape of that well-known bread, but you can take it further. Once again, it’s a fruit so there’s less need of sugar. Because bananas are pretty dense, you have to be careful if you’re trying to make a light cookie. That means it might not be a good idea to put fruits or large add-ons into it, but chocolate chips are still possible.

How does it work?

Well, you gotta mash it of course, and it’s a great alternative to butter. You can add more banana if the batter isn’t moist enough – keep going until the texture is just right. Add the right amount of eggs and milk until you get the thick batter you’d get with butter and put it in the oven. You’d be surprised at how fast banana cookies bake. The thick consistency makes dense cookies that can significantly reduce calories if you play with the butter to banana ratio right.

5. Nut Butter

You’ve replaced dairy milk from your drinking diet with almond milk – probably using a milk frother – so why not expand it into your baking? Many people are already fans of spreading the nutty flavor of almond butter of their bread and bagels. The chewy and soft texture that nut butter cookies gives them a huge potential for health-conscious baked good fans.

A cool part about almond butter cookies is that most reciaesleave out the flour altoaether. Boom — there goes some carbs.

How does it work?

First, get some good nut butter – store bought is good, but with a good processor it’s not difficult to make your own. Just make sure whichever one you use, it isn’t too oily. That just makes your cookies oily too, and no one wants that. You don’t have to stick to just almond butter. You can try out sunflower and see how that works out for you.

6. Avocado

Can you imagine that the thing you use for your guac can also be used to make some tasty baked goods? Avocados have a very interesting flavor which isn’t surprising. The cookies it makes are a particular mix of hard bottom but soft middle when they come out of the oven. They are generally fluffy cookies, and better yet you get about 20 vitamins and minerals from a bite of those. There are a lot of Health Benefits of Avocado you should remember.


How do they work?

Just get the avocado and mash it up – most recipes do not need you to mix it with any butter. However, there’s a risk of the cookies drying out during baking, so adding a little bit of butter wouldn’t be a bad idea. From there on out, add the rest of your regular ingredients and you’re set. The fact it has no butter makes this a must-eat for any health freak looking for a loophole in their cheat day. You can probably make some without telling them and they might not know the difference.

A Couple More Substitution Tips

If you want to go off the reservation as far as sweeteners are concerned, replace sugar with maple syrup or coconut sugar. You should consider using egg whites to cut down on fat and cholesterol. You mix those two up with those butter switch ups, and you will have a plate full of yummy and healthy snack for friends and family.


*** This article is a guest post from Kristin – a housewife with big love for cooking. When she is not binging on the Food Network and attempting to become America’s Next Top Chef, she is browsing online for unique recipes to awe her friends with. Now she is a founder and main editor for Taste Insight, a blog about nutrition and vegetarian food!

*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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