6 Easy Ideas to Lose Weight Almost Instantly

6 Easy Ideas to Lose Weight Almost Instantly

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Looking fat and not fitting into your clothes isn’t the only problem we face due to weight gain. It comes with a whole package of risks. Every organ in your body gets affected. Improper circulatory system, disturbed digestive system, hormonal imbalance, joint pains and aches, and a number of fatal diseases – among many others – are caused by obesity. This may also result in hair loss, acne prone skin, brittle nails and lethargy.

Aging, unhealthy eating habits, impure food, immobility due to working conditions and stress affect our metabolism, which results in a bigger waistline and added pounds.

The formula to losing weight is simple – burn more calories than you intake. Unless you have a crazy high metabolism, physical activities will usually take a month or so to bring a difference.

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Here are a few tips for you to shed those unwanted extra pounds and get back in shape.

1. Change your eating habits

Most people usually gain weight due to their eating habits. Because of our busy routines, we often add convenient foods to our daily diet. Edibles that are ready-to-eat and processed are very harmful to our health. Something that has a long shelf life, or is pre-cooked (and doesn’t rot) is obviously full of preservatives and other harmful chemicals. In order to stay healthy, you need to say no to all such unhealthy food items. Almost all of them cause weight gain and result in various diseases. Alter your diet with the following tips:

  • Replace unhealthy snacks like chips and cookies with healthy alternatives. Granola bars and fruits are better options.
  • Never skip your meals. Eat less but eat on time.
  • Never miss your breakfast. You need a healthy breakfast to keep you going throughout the day.
  • Avoid using easy-to-make or ready-to-eat foods. Most of them have saturated fats and are unhealthy.
  • When ordering a meal, always go for healthier options. A bowl of salad or grilled meat instead of fries and pasta.
  • Add protein to your diet by including lean meats, nuts and lentils.
  • Keep a calorie check on what you eat every day.
  • Make a strict eating routine for yourself and stick to it.
  • Keep a cheat day. This will help you stick to healthy eating days.

2. Try a crash diet

Crash diets are easy and a guaranteed way to lose weight in a very short period of time. It limits the daily calorie intake to less than 700 calories. Although crash diets are known to give out amazing results in a short period of time, they are ultimately unhealthy in the longer run because they result in more muscle loss along with fat loss. If you’re looking to fit into that lovely red dress for a work party, a crash diet can work for you. There are a lot of effective crash diets out there. Some of them are:

  • Cabbage soup diet: The Cabbage diet assure you a 10 pond weight reduction on weekly bases. Following this diet plan allows you to have all the cabbage soup that you like. Cabbage is enrich in fiber that helps your body to clean unwanted elements.
  • Fat loss diet at pro level: Fat Loss Diet had appealed that anyone can lose up to 25 pounds in 3 weeks. It uses the approach of 5 day twist and you must repeat the to fulfil your desires. The clue is to tactically combine certain amount of foods and exercises, to lose weight instantly. One of the vital element of diet program is building and maintaining your body and metabolism while scorching fat.
  • Diet using Grapefruits: The theory overdue this diet is to use fat burning enzymes found in grapefruits. This diet includes grapefruits into a low-calorie diet (800-1000 calories per day), which results in instant weight loss.
  • The Caveman diet:

The Paleo diet, named after our Palaeolithic ancestors, is a meal plan modelled after what cavemen ate. This diet is low on dairy, grains, and legumes but high on meat, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. A study suggests that our ancestors adhered to a bunch of varied diets, some more carnivorous than others.

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3. Water and detox water

Losing weight by increasing water intake is the best way to get results. Water boosts your metabolism and suppresses appetite. Initially drinking 8-10 glasses of water might seem difficult but soon you will find yourself drinking up to 12-14 glasses. Here are a few tips for losing weight with water:

  • Increase your water consumption gradually by setting an hourly alarm. Keep a water bottle near you at all times.
  • If plain water doesn’t appeal you, try adding fruity flavours to it.
  • Take a glass of water 20 to 20 mins before each meal. This helps in filling up your stomach and improves digestion.
  • While increasing your water intake, cut out the salt. This will help reduce water retention in the body.
  • Combine limited calorie intake and water diet. It will give you better and quick results.

Detox water is yet another way of losing weight through water. Detox water is prepared by adding fruit and vegetable slices in a pitcher of water and letting it sit for a while. This helps in infusing the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables into the water that can then be consumed throughout the day. These nutrients can help in rapid fat and weight loss.

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4. Exercise it out

Working out is the one sure shot way to get those extra calories off. Incorporating intense exercises in daily routine like running, jogging, cycling or brisk walking can help shed around 20 pounds a month.

Other options include joining a gym, taking swimming classes, power yoga, aerobics, Zumba or other exercise classes that include intense body movement and cardio.

5. Small lifestyle changes

Small changes go a long way. Every tiny change you make into your daily life takes you one-step closer to your goal of losing weight. Some helpful tips are:

  • Walk your way to work, malls and all the other places that are a short and walk-able distance away.
  • Avoid late night snacks
  • Add five-minute exercise routines like jumping jacks, lunges and crunches in between the commercial breaks while watching television
  • Stop buying and storing unhealthy foods
  • Take the staircase instead of the elevators and escalators
  • Cut off caffeine and add two cups of herbal tea to your day
  • Take time out for an evening walk with a companion or pet
  • Take natural foods and drinks that help with quick weight loss. Taking lemon, cinnamon and honey with lukewarm water first thing in the morning is a good option.

It is obvious that changing your routine all of a sudden is next to impossible but it’s a good idea to make a checklist of things you need to ideally change in your routine and adopt them one after another.

*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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