5 Ways Coffee Can Amp Up Your Skincare Routine

5 Ways Coffee Can Amp Up Your Skincare Routine

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For most people, surviving an entire day without coffee can sound too difficult. Depending on the preparation, a cup of coffee can wake you up, soothe your nerves and freshen up your day. It’s a great help, especially if you are dealing with a lot of stress at work.

However, if you think these are all the benefits you can get from your coffee- think again. Coffee makes a great solution to several beauty issues, too.

In case you are still not buying the idea, here are 5 things coffee can do for you and your skin.

1. Makes Skin Brighter

Make your skin brighter - 5 Ways Coffee Can Amp Up Your Skincare Routine

Compared with the usual body scrubs you buy and use on your skin, coffee is more powerful. It has just the right consistency to help you get rid of your dry and dull skin easily.

In addition to buffing away dead skin cells, scrubbing your skin with coffee grounds can also encourage skin rejuvenation. This means better blood flow, improved skin texture and more even skin tone.

Routine exfoliation is also great in controlling acne and skin breakouts. It can lighten up acne scars, too.

Tip: Taking a warm shower prior to exfoliation helps open up the pores. This allows caffeine to get absorbed by the skin through the hair follicles.

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2. Slows Down Signs of Skin Aging

With all the stress, pollution and irritants your skin faces throughout the day, looking older than your actual age might sound inevitable. You’ll develop fine lines, dark spots and even age spots long before you reach your 30s.

And if these things are exactly what worry you, adding coffee grounds to your routine can help ease your mind.

Coffee contains antioxidants which can combat free radical damages brought about by these factors. They can also help reverse any imperfections those free radicals have caused.

Coffee-infused products aren’t hard to come by these days. They are available in scrubs, creams and pastes.

Tip: Although beneficial, consuming and using too much coffee can potentially result in dehydrated skin. This can make you more prone to getting irritations and signs of premature skin aging.

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3. Soothes Puffy Eyes

Soothe Your Puffe Eyes - 5 Ways Coffee Can Amp Up Your Skincare Routine

Coffee isn’t only great in waking your senses up in the morning. It can make you look more awake, too.

There are several reasons why coffee makes a good solution to dark, puffy under eye circles. For one, it has anti-inflammatory properties that can tighten the skin and reduce any redness.

It also has the ability to constrict blood vessels to make your dark circles less prominent. It can remove excess water, too.

However, for this trick to be effective, you’ll need used coffee grounds. After brewing and once they’re cold enough, scoop up a few tablespoons of the grounds and apply on your lids.

Be careful during application to avoid irritating your eyes. The last thing you’d want to happen is to have the powder inside your eyes.

Leave the coffee on your skin for a couple of minutes before rinsing with cool water.

If the idea of applying coffee grounds near your eye area sounds too uncomfortable to you, you can use it with some cotton pads. Just make sure to dip the pads in some brewed organic coffee before application.

Tip: To decrease your face’s puffiness, you can apply the coffee grounds as a mask. Just add honey to make the consistency smoother and less abrasive.

4. Fights Cellulite

One of the factors that can cause cellulite formation is genetics. And if you’ve been blessed enough to have the trait in your genes- don’t fret.

Although cellulite are predominantly due to genetics, it doesn’t mean that you’re already bound to have them. Good habits, such as exercise, healthy eating and wearing loose clothing can keep them at bay.

In addition to these things, using coffee grounds daily on your skin can also prevent cellulite. Coffee can boost metabolism and increase blood circulation- two things that can reduce the appearance of the lumps and dimples on your thighs and buttocks.

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5. Protects Against Skin Cancer

The idea of using coffee to boost your protection against skin cancer isn’t new. In fact, there are already studies that can back up this claim.

In these studies, researchers were able to discover coffee’s ability to inhibit certain protein enzymes on the skin. By inhibiting them, it can reduce the risk of non-melanoma skin cancer.

Tip: In addition to topical application of coffee, drinking 4 cups of coffee daily can potentially reduce your risk of cancer by as much as 20%.

*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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  1. This is amazing! I love coffee and now I just love it even more!! I had no idea of all its benefits on our skin! Thank you very much for sharing this with us! I find it very helpful 🙂

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