5 Questions that Identify the Difference between a Good and Over Workout

5 Questions that Identify the Difference between a Good and Over Workout

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People just have different opinions on how or when they should end their workout sessions. Can you identify the evidence of an effective exercise routine?

The signs you might think convey a successful exercise are not always great indicators, says experts in exercise physiology.

Excessive sweating is completely subjective as people exercise differently from each other. Sorencess isn’t always a great sign either.

So how can you really tell if you just had a good or an overdone session?

Beside what the experts view on this, you can simply identify the difference by just asking yourself these 5 questions.

1. Are you Exhausted?

Are you Exhausted - 5 Questions that Identify the Difference between a Good and Over Workout

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A good workout results in a fantastic and fulfilling emotion, completely energized.

Why? Because when we exercise, your body naturally increases a hormone called dopamine. It works by reversing the feelings of depression, sluggishness and many others.

These hormones are situated in your brain, giving you that “feel good” effect after a workout.

On the other hand, if you are exhausted and feel less energized after exercise, then you likely over exercise yourself.

Dopamine levels crash when you excessively push yourself to the limit during workouts. That results to tiredness and fatigue because too much energy was lost.

2. What is Your Number and How to Hit Them?

To know whether your exercise is successful or not, you need to know your own numbers.

You need to determine your maximum number and work within your percentage. The most accurate to define your own measure of intensity is to know your maximum heart rate.

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, the best equation would be 206.9 – (0.67 x age). This means that you have to exercise at an intensity of 80 to 90 percent of your max.

A 30 to 60 minutes of moderate intensity workout, five times a week is considered average for most people.

While resistance training requires 2 to 4 sets of muscle group exercises, with 2 to 3 minute rest interval between sets.

3. Do You Feel Challenged or You Feel Like Passing Out?

If you are challenged on your exercise program, then it is a sign that you are getting a good workout.

On the other hand, if you feel like dying, then it means that you have gone too many reps that your body can handle.

This is the reason why a good relationship between you and your trainer is needed to achieve fitness success. An open communication with them about how you feel during workouts can get you the biggest results.

4. Is Your Appetite Suppressed or You Crave More?

It is normal for us to crave on food after a successful workout because your metabolism starts to increase. Otherwise, there might be a problem on your exercise regimen.

Suppressed appetite after a deemed successful exercise means that you overdone your physical activity.

As mentioned above, you may feel very exhausted since you lost a lot of energy. If this happens, you need to fire up your body’s appetite by eating the right foods when exercising.

To help with this, you need to take protein powdered products that can give you more energy, increases your metabolism, promote fat loss and muscle growth.

ISO Ignite is one product that you can purchase online to help support your overall workout program.

5. Did You Get a Good Night Sleep?

Did You Get a Good Night Sleep - 5 Questions that Identify the Difference between a Good and Over Workout

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After a strenuous workout in the gym, you should only expect a solid sleep.

A post-workout shouldn’t feel that you are physically and mentally drained. Thus, a good workout should trigger a sound sleep all throughout the night.

Remember that a tired body doesn’t necessarily constitute to a stressed mental state. So if you are having sleeping patterns at night, then you probably overdone your exercise.

It All Boils Down to the Quality of Your Workout

Whether you do 20 or 50 reps, visits the gym or just working out from home, muscles are swelled or not, a good workout is subjective and depends on your own perspectives.

We all have limitations and you don’t need to imitate your favorite bodybuilder or athlete’s workout ethics, just to say that you had a successful workout.

What you need is to have that “quality” in your workout. Too easy and too stressful workouts may not do well for your overall health.

So you need to ensure that you perform quality exercises in order to reap the positive results in the end. And of course, you need to enjoy yourself while doing it!


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