13 Reasons to Drink a Glass of Wine Every Day

13 Reasons to Drink a Glass of Wine Every Day

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Wine is believed to be among the most favorite alcoholic beverage and have the biggest consumption in the world. For thousands of year wine has been used to be a perfect choice for not only a romantic dinner but also a vibrant party. Also, wine plays a vital role in religion in many parts of the world such as Egypt, Greek and Roman.

However, since wine is often criticized for its associated health risk, many people are hesitated to use it. However, the risk only appears when wine is consumed in large amount. In fact, this beverage has been used as a form of medicine since ancient time to treat wound, aid digestion and for other ailments and diseases. Through time, wine has never lost its effect and popularity in using as a healthy life style.

Here are 13 reasons to have a glass of wine every day.

1. Depression

The ability to reduce the risk of expression of wine has been examined in several studies. They found out that those both men and women, who drank 2-7 glass of wine every week had lower rate of depression diagnosis. Not only that, wine can also help to boost people’s mood and make them happier.

Depression - 13 Reasons to Drink a Glass of Wine Every Day

2. Bone health

The habit of consuming heavy alcohol causes damage on the cellular processes that create bone tissue, leading to frequent factures. Fortunately, the bone density can be significantly improved by moderate wine consumption in both men and women.

Bone health - 13 Reasons to Drink a Glass of Wine Every Day

Use wine to replace other alcohol beverages or add it into your daily diet.

3. Colon cancer

Another benefit you can get from drinking wine is 50% lower rate of colon cancer. It has been discovered that the risk of getting gastritis and peptic ulcers as well as stomach cancer is likely to lessen when it comes to moderate wine consumption.

Wine lowers the risk of colon cancer - 13 Reasons to Drink a Glass of Wine Every Day

4. Anti- aging

Wine is among the top power natural remedies that keep you stay young thanks to a substance in wine called resveratrol that comes from red grapes’ skin. Besides, there are other common compounds known as procyanidins in red wine that can keep the blood vessels healthy, helping us prolong life better.

Anti aging - 13 Reasons to Drink a Glass of Wine Every Day

Therefore, a glass of wine or more, especially traditional red wine per day would be the best way to keep you healthy and young longer.

5. Breast cancer

Too much alcohol can do harm to you, but a moderate amount of wine intake can bring you various health benefits, including preventing breast cancer. Unlike other alcohol products that increase estrogen levels and cause breast cancer in women, the regular consumption of red wine contributes to the reduction of those and increase of testosterone in premenopausal women.

Preventing breast cancer - 13 Reasons to Drink a Glass of Wine Every Day

Try to have a glass of red wine serving with dinner every day to protect against breast cancer.

6. Dementia

It has been confirm that wine, especially red wine has a great effect on preventing dementia. After being absorbed, the resveratrol in this beverage functions to keep the blood vessels flexile, keeping a stable blood supply to the brain.

Wine prevents demetia - 13 Reasons to Drink a Glass of Wine Every Day

According to researches, since the resveratrol primarily comes from skin of red grapes, red wine is better choice than white one. Those who consume red wine in moderation reduce their risk of developing dementia by 23% compared to others.

7. Sunburn

Suntan is desired by most of the girls in the west, however it would be a nightmare if it turns to be sunburn. When you get severe sunburn, reactive oxygen species will be activated, oxidizing fats, DNA and other molecules. This is extremely harmful to your skin cells. Fortunately, this process will be restricted thanks to flavonoids in wine and grapes, which will effectively protect your skin and reduce the skin damage caused by UV light.

Sunburn 13 Reasons to Drink a Glass of Wine Every Day

8. Blindness

Along with aging, the risk of getting diseases related to eyes also increases such as macular degeneration or diabetic retinopathy. For prevention, wine would be an ideal remedy as it is able to stop the growth of blood vessel that is out of control. It is thanks to the resveratrol that protects human vision. This substance presents mostly in grapes, peanuts, blueberries, etc.

Prevent blindness - 13 Reasons to Drink a Glass of Wine Every Day

9. Damage after stroke

Some luckily survive after stroke, but cannot suffer from the consequence of this disease. To enhance the ability of dealing with stroke damage, red wine is highly recommended as the resveratrol in it helps to keep hemeoxygensase in high levels, which functions to protect nerve cell from damages.

Stroke damage - 13 Reasons to Drink a Glass of Wine Every Day

10. Lung cancer

Another benefit of wine is to protect the lung and make it function well thanks to many compounds in the beverage. Moreover, wine is also a promising ingredient to keep you safe from lung cancer, especially among those who have habit of smoking.

Lung cancer - 13 Reasons to Drink a Glass of Wine Every Day

Another way to keep your lung healthy is to cleanse it regularly. For further details, you can find out at How to Detox Your Lungs.

11. Omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are considered as essential acids in the body, which is only obtained through food. It helps prevent inflammation and chronic diseases related to heart, joint and many kinds of cancer. Furthermore, omega-3 fatty acids also play a vital role in cognitive and behavioral function. Therefore, omega-3 fatty acids intake is extremely necessary to our body. Luckily, wine is a good source of this substance.

Wine rich in Omega-3 fatty acids - 13 Reasons to Drink a Glass of Wine Every Day

A moderation of wine daily will boost your levels of omega-3 fatty acids even better than fish.

12. Type 2 diabetes

Insulin resistance is the common factor that leads to type 2 diabetes. Meanwhile, the resveratrol – an essential substance in wine has a great impact on the sensitivity of insulin. Therefore, red wine should be chosen to be a daily beverage for those who want to prevent or improve the condition of type 2 diabetes.

Prevent diabetes - 13 Reasons to Drink a Glass of Wine Every Day

13. Prostate cancer

Though red wine seems to be a beverage of women, it is also beneficial for man. A study in 2007 came to a conclusion that male who an appropriate amount of wine (4-7 glass per week) daily apparently to have 52% lower risk of prostate cancer compared to those who never drank.

Wine prevents prostate cancer - 13 Reasons to Drink a Glass of Wine Every Day

Even 1 glass per week can partly help men with this disease.

To learn more about natural treatments for other prostates diseases, read Home Remedies for Enlarged Prostate.

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