11 Reasons to Use Soybeans

11 Reasons to Use Soybeans

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Soybeans, also known as soya beans or scientifically called Glycine max, are native to East Asia then recently become one of the most popular foods all over the world. United State and South America are where soybeans are produced in greatest numbers. The reasons make this oil seed so well known are due to it great health benefits for people and its easy cultivation. There are wide variety of soy products such as soymilk and textured vegetable protein, which created a massive new market.

There is no one can deny the wealth of health benefits that soybeans can bring to us. It has been confirm in many human researches that the oil seeds contain a large amount of nutrients, organic compounds, antioxidants, vitamins and other nutrients as well as mineral. This enables the seeds to improve the metabolism, prevent heart disease, cancer as well as lower the risk of diabetes, help people gain weight in a healthy way, reinforce bone health, increase circulation, etc. By and large, the rich content of protein of soybeans along with other nutrients make it an ideal diet for those who want to promote health, especially vegetarians.

Here are the 11 health benefits of soybeans that you should have known.

1. Gain Weight

In fact, soybeans benefit both kinds of people who want to lose and gain weight. Specifically, being associated with appetite repression, soybeans can stop people from overeating, which helps prevent obesity and other related risks. On the other hand, they provide an appropriate amount of protein and fiber so that people can gain weight if they consume the seeds in a large amount.

Soybeans Production

2. Improve Metabolism

To take in enough quantity of protein is to encourage your metabolism to work more effectively. That is why soybeans can enhance body health and the regrowth of damaged cells as they are enrich with this valuable substance. To those who are vegetarians, soybeans can excellently replace normal protein sources such as red meat, chickens and dairy products, etc.

Soybeans good for metabolism

3. Prevent Cancer

Thanks to the high levels of antioxidants, soybeans is able prevent risk of various cancers. This substance in the seed deactivates free radicals, which make healthy cells change into deadly cancer cells. Furthermore, the levels of fiber in soybeans can ease the digestive process, thus reduce the onset of colorectal and colon cancer.

Soybeans prevent cancer

4. Reduce The Risk of Diabetes

Among natural remedies for diabetes, soybeans appear outstandingly for their ability to increase insulin receptors inside body, contributing to disease prevention and management. Consume soy products daily to see its wonderful effect on diabetes, especially type-2 diabetes.

Soybeans reduce the risk of diabetes

Besides, there are many other natural ingridients that can effectively control blood sugar levels then reduce the risk of this disease. You can find out more at Home Remedies for Diabetes.

5. Bone Health

As mentioned above, soybeans are very rich in vitamins and minerals such as calcimun, magnesium, copper, zinc, etc. All of them are necessary for process inside body especially bone health. The osteotrophic activity will be encouraged for new bones to grow and the damaged one to heal.

Soybeans improve bone health

Regular consumption of soybean will be beneficial to many bone problems.

6. Digestive Health

The fiber is essential elements of the body since it make the stools move smoothly and energize peristaltic motion, pushing food through the digestive system. Without fiber, constipation can cause us many serious conditions of illness such as colorectal cancer. Therefore, do not forget to add soybeans to your daily diet if a healthy digestion is what you wish for.

Soybeans good for digestive health

7. Menopause

Menopause is a period of women in which the estrogen levels drops significantly. Meanwhile, isoflabones in soybeans, crucial elements in the female reproductive systems, function to bind to estrogen receptor cells, which helps them go through menopause’s symptoms easier. Soybeans seem to be a wonderful assistant in women’s menopause period.

Soybeans good for menopause

To learn more about others natural remedies to beat symptoms of menopause, you can find out at Home Remedies for Menopause.

8. Circulation and Oxygenation

The formation of red blood cells cannot work well without essential minerals such as copper and iron, which are abundant substances in soybeans. When there are enough red blood cells in the body, the blood flow and oxygen will be improved to help important organs do their best. Generally, soybeans not only boost metabolism but also advance energy levels.

9. Beauty Benefits

Soybeans have been long used as a favorable treatment for skin by many women as they function to reduce blotchiness and discoloration, making skin’s surface smooth and bright.

Skin benefits of soybeans

The vitamins in soybeans are essential to promote cell growth and regeneration.

10. Sleep Disorders

Since the metabolism is elevated, you will be helped with sleep disorders and insomnia. Besides, the magnesium in soybeans will improve sleep quality and duration.

Soybeans good for your sleep

11. Birth Defects

For pregnant women, vitamin B and folic acid are very important, which helps to prevent the neutral tube defect in infants and guarantee a health and happiness for a baby.

Soybeans reduce birth defects

12. Men’s Risk of Consumption

Despite all benefits above, soybeans hold a potential health risk for especially men. Specifically, for the estrogen-mimicking compounds in soybeans, women can increase their estrogen levels to help with menopause or other beauty problems. Meanwhile, a large quantity of this oil seeds can cause hormone imbalance in men, leading to infertility, lower sperm count and sexual dysfunction.

The activity of thyroid gland can be interrupted if you consume soybeans in an inappropriate amount, which leads to goiters and abnormal hormonal activity inside body.

To make use of soybeans without any side effect, build a plan of diet and follow it wisely.

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