11 Health Benefits of Yogurt

11 Health Benefits of Yogurt

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Undeniably, yogurt becomes a big part of human life, as it is the most well known dairy product besides milk. This is due to its favorable and diverse flavor and huge benefits for human health. From small children to adults and old people, yogurt can serve and benefits them in any ways.

Yogurt is the food produced by bacterial fermentation of milk. It is enriched with protein, calcium, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 and has the character of probiotics.

Therefore, yogurt brings in itself load of health benefits.

Here are 11 main reasons why you should consume yogurt daily.

1. Digestive systems

Yogurt with active cultures is believed to hold a lot of potential in treating gastrointestinal diseases such as constipation, diarrhea, inflammation bowel disease, colon cancer and so on. The food effectively works as active cultures make a change in the microflora of the gut and reinforce the immunity, which improves the situation.

In several studies, subjects with the diseases showed a significant improvement after taking yogurt regularly.

Healthy digestion - 11 Health Benefits of Yogurt

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2. Vaginal Infections

Women, especially the ones who are suffering from diabetes often face the problems of vaginal infections. Fortunately, yogurt appears to be a powerful solution for them. This food acts to balance the pH in vaginal, helping improve the environment in the area.

Many research have shown positive results in treating vaginal issues thanks to the consumption of yogurt.

It should be noted that, to successfully treat the disease, it must be yogurt with active cultures.

Vaginal infections - 11 Health Benefits of Yogurt

Besides yogurt, there are various natural ingredients that helps you with vaginal problems. Read more Home Remedies for Bacteria Vaginosis.

3. Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a medical condition, in which there is a loss of tissue, making the bones fragile. Since the main cause is the hormonal changes and the lack of calcium or vitamin D, an alternative supplement of nutrients is necessary. An intake of 400 IU per day for those at 51-70 and more than 400 IU for people at younger ages is good to improve skeletal health.

Yogurt is among the dairy products that are high in calcium and sometimes added with vitamin D. Therefore a regular consumption of yogurt is highly recommended by heath experts to enhance your bone structure.

Yogurt prevents osteoporosis - 11 Health Benefits of Yogurt

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4. Blood pressure

It has been confirmed in one study conducted among 5000 university graduates in Spain that dairy products have the effect of regulate blood pressure. With a proper amount of low-fat dairy per day, the risk of high blood pressure had dropped by 50% compared to those who did not take any.

Yogurt regulates blood pressure - 11 Health Benefits of Yogurt

Adding yogurt to your daily diet is a simple and good way to have a healthy life.

5. Weight loss

Yogurt is considered an ideal snack for those who are limiting the calories in daily diet for weight loss. Unlike other snacks, yogurt helps people deal with the hunger and craving for sugar, leading to a cut down in calories intake. Additionally, after being absorbed, the calcium in yogurt will send a signal to the fat cells to reduce to cortisol production, while the amino acids helps burn fat. All this contributes to a drop of pound.

However, only plain or low-fat yogurt is recommended because the other types contain a lot of fat and sugar.

Weight loss - 11 Health Benefits of Yogurt

6. Recovery

A serving of yogurt would be an excellent snack to help you recover after a workout as the protein in yogurt provides your muscles with amino acids to repair themselves. Besides, the carbohydrates also make up the energy loss in your muscles after a physical performance. Another reason to have yogurt after a workout is this food acts to effectively assist intestines to absorb water better, keeping the body hydrated.

Physical performance - 11 Health Benefits of Yogurt

7. Diaper rash

One of amazing features of yogurt is its sensitivity to baby skin. Therefore it is totally safe to use yogurt for treating diaper rash. By gently dealing with red spots caused by fungus, yogurt helps to relieve your baby from annoying and discomfort.

Yogurt treats diaper rash - 11 Health Benefits of Yogurt

For how to treat this condition of your baby, read more Home Remedies for Diaper Rash.

8. Vitamins

Undeniably, there is an array of nutrients presenting in yogurt. This includes phosphorous, potassium, iodine, zinc, vitamin B5 and so on. Furthermore, yogurt is also a rich source of B12, an important vitamin for red blood cells and nervous systems.

Yogurt rich in vitamins - 11 Health Benefits of Yogurt

Having more yogurts every day provides you with necessary vitamins that your body needs.

9. Colds

When your immune systems are boosted, your ability to fight against virus or harmful bugs is also increased. Four to seven ounces of yogurt each day keep you safe from symptoms of various ailments such as colds, flus, or sore throat. This has been confirmed by many studies conducted among groups of people who consume yogurt regularly and those with any intake. The chance of getting sick considerably reduces thanks to this wonderful ingredient.

Colds - 11 Health Benefits of Yogurt

1. Skin health

Yogurt is apparently an inevitable natural remedies that girls and women need to have in notebook of beauty treatments. This food functions to sufficiently promote healthy skin, tighten pores, making skin glow and elastic. The most important benefit is yogurt actively assists in the fight against symptoms of aging, the worst nightmare of almost women.

Healthy skin - 11 Health Benefits of Yogurt

Do not forget to eat yogurt every day to improve and maintain your youth and beauty. You can find out more natural ingredients used to improve your skin at How to Lightening Skin Naturally.

11. Hair health

Not only dose yogurt benefits skin, but it is also useful in treating hair problems such as split ends, dry hair, thinning hair. The rich content of protein in yogurt nurture and strengthen this part of your body without any advanced effects. Also, yogurt is good for scalp when it makes a wonderful remedy to eliminate dandruff and itchy scalp.

Hair care - 11 Health Benefits of Yogurt

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*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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